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April 2024 Blog Posts (26)

There are "gun-free" places to vote in Marion County

In the 1920s armed members of the Horse Thief Detective Association, the enforcement arm of the KKK, were dispatched to scare people off from voting. [FN1] If you do not want to vote in a building that allows people w/guns to enter, here are important points: 1/10

1) During early voting & on election day (May 7 for primaries, November 5 for general), Marion County voters can cast their ballot at ANY of the Vote Centers in the county. The website for the Marion County Clerk is at…


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B4 you buy a gun, do some research

A 2023 survey found 72% of gun owners said personal protection was a ‘major reason’ they own a gun. [FN1] Under the UCC [FN2], there is an implied promise, when you buy it, a good (A) will do what it is supposed to do & (B) there’s nothing significantly wrong w/it. [FN3] 1/9

You can’t use a gun to protect your home if you’re not home. Guns have a deterrent effect, i.e., scare off “bad guys,” only if “bad guys” know you have guns. Guns are easily fenced, i.e., sold for cash fast.…


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Guns don't help much for self-defense & more likely to kill you or a loved one

Americans are not required to own a firearm, as some colonists were [FN1] where colonies used militias to maintain “peace.” [FN2] [FN3] We should ignore the bullies. We have a right not to own a firearm. A person might own, or possess, a gun for several reasons. [FN4] 1/13

Self-defense is your right, but you also have a right to know if a product you buy will A) do what you buy it to do & B) is more likely to hurt/kill you/those you love. The gun industry knew. A 1993 study…


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Unfair comparisons between trump & a former Austrian corporal

Once more, we need to dispel erroneous parallels between trump & a genocidal former corporal who led der Fatherland, 1933-1945.

1) Hitler had one testicle. In NY court proceedings the past 2 wks, just like when he’s around Putin, trump acts like he has none. 1/6

2) Hitler actually wrote (Hess typed) a best seller published under his name. trump had ghost writers.

3) Hitler was solvent (fr sales of his book) when he took office. trump’s been broke since his daddy, who’d…


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Gun nuts need to do more research (& not on porn hub)

W/drawings, photographs, obscenities & CAPS, ppl responded to my blog on mass shootings. Histories of our Constitution & Bill of Rights are more complex than drawings. Prior to the Revolution, Colonies’ laws on firearms were for common good, i.e., militias. [FN1] 1/9

The Articles of Confederation do not mention an individual right, but discuss militias. [FN2] In 1786, a significant event was Shays’ Rebellion. Farmers took up arms to stop foreclosures, and militia opposed them.…


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"Gun Guy" needs to celebrate mass shootings

Mass shootings that grab headlines in other countries hardly merit media attention here. We need to shift how we consider nuts going out & blowing away people. On Saturday afternoons an Indy radio station discusses matters related to guns. There are several ways to beef up the show. 1/7

1) Give us science! To claim guns deter use of guns, advocates need support, and not the bogus stuff floated by the NRA. There should be peer reviewed studies. That means the studies are reviewed…


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Beckwith lies about religion & is dumb about The Constitution

Micah Beckwith’s [FN1] ignorance about The Constitution and about religion are not cause for pity. He seeks political power to impose his religion on all of us. His refusal to debate about The Constitution means he loses by forfeit. He’s ignorant about religion & he’s a preacher. 1/9

In our country & State, beliefs are protected & establishment of religion prohibited. [FN2] Even to define “religion” is difficult. [FN3] A deity is not a required for a belief to be protected…


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Question for compromised justices...

Let's say trump again steals the Oval Office. Each day you awake in fear? He might decide you didn't keep your end of the bargain that put you on the Supreme Court for life. Would he have immunity for ordering you killed because his order would be an official act?

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Merde de Poulet & candidates for IN Gov

Hope clouded my vision. An X post by preacher Micah Beckwith [FN1] read: “Life Church has hosted several of the gubernatorial candidates to provide the public with an opportunity to answer questions. Next Up: Current Lt Governor Suzanne Crouch ” [FN2] Nuts. I saw 1/8

“Beckwith” & “answer questions.” Hope pasted “would” over ampersand. Beckwith, a/k/a Merde de Poulet, does not like voters, the general public or any who call him on his false claims. [FN3] Back in reality, I thought…


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More on Beck with Monroe

Election fraud, pure and simple. [FN1] The prosecution summarized how trump broke the law in State of N.Y. v. trump. The popular vote in 2016 was heavily in Secretary Clinton’s favor [FN2] as was the popular vote in the State of New York. [FN3] No harm, no foul in New York. 1/9

Putin’s POTUS held office 2017 to 2021. Mitch McConnell [FN4] was majority leader the last 2 years Pres Obama held office and all four years after. The GOP was able to game nomination and confirmation of…


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Shoveling horse manure and Beckwith's talks w/the divine

The supreme deity of the Old Testament (“OT”) speaks directly to humans > 2,000 times. [FN1] In no instance is that deity depicted as kicking back, relaxing w/a wineskin & conversing. The humans are not laid-back, either. They know this supreme deity can be a murderous prick. 1/8

Micah Beckwith [FN2] says “the Lord” talked to him about January 6. [FN3] Specifically, that “the Lord” had sent “those riots” and it was “the Lord’s” hand at work. [FN4] Beckwith’s words carry me back…


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Beckwith is NOT more stupid than Matt Gaetz

“Actions speak louder than words” is a good way determine what a person has done & what s/he will continue to do. Hoosiers can witness a nominal candidate for political office who consistently talks & acts as the Christofascist he is. His stage is the GOP State convention, [FN1] 1/9

Micah Beckwith’s [FN2] words are clear, but specific policies to actualize the words are absent. Education: woke agenda [] will be gone & “children learn essential fundamentals, Constitutional…


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Response in regard to a re-tweet

On FB I re-posted “What I Get from Christians...” [FN1] A person I met in Gloucester in 2017 [FN2] [FN3] replied: “I am a Jesus follower. I didn’t know you wanted to discuss it.” Some far right ppl, to grab power, feed on misconceptions about sep’n of church & State. 1/9

Preacher Micah Beckwith [FN4] is one of them. He congratulated S Carolina’s GOP nominee for Gov (who says women should not have the right to vote). [FN5] Beckwith says only Christians can be moral. [FN6] Beckwith…


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Beckwith sends a text message...

The text seemingly was sent to (a) candidates 2 GOP state convention in June and not (b) members of the Micah Beckwith [FN1] fan club. I’m in (a). [FN2] ers The text was short, but Hoosiers saw the same substance 100 years ago. [FN3] Here’s the main part of the text: 1/8

“Our state needs leaders who will have the energy, determination, and the courage to fight the woke agenda, make Indiana affordable, and protect our Constitutional rights.” It’s plausible that Beckwith has energy, but…


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More on Beckwith!

A cynic who reads campaign literature of the 6 people [FN1] running to be the GOP’s nominee for IN Governor might say each wants to out-Jesus the others. Non-cynics already reached that conclusion. The 6 might even try to beat each other with a trump-indorsed bible. 1/8

They oppose women’s reproductive rights. One of the 6 will be the GOP nominee for Gov after May 7's primary. In recent elections, a victory by that nominee would be considered a “gimme.” After SCOTUS’s decision in…


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Green party runs things in Indy

Last week I was struck by how empty downtown Indy is. Courts and the people, in various jobs & in whatever offices, that are part of that system, moved a couple of miles away to the “new” Justice Center on Southeastern Avenue. Businesses cannot survive without customers. 1/5

City-County Council throws $$$ at developers to go along w/land also gifted. The “mixed use” buildings (usually apartments over a floor of whatever businesses can be lured downtown) go up. I point out absence…


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Christofascism, May 7 primary & balls

Years ago, “A” described her fundamentalist church. Me: “1st Amendment protects your religious beliefs.” A: “That’s not my religion. I believe in ‘God.’” [FN1] Hoosiers seem ignorant of others’ beliefs. A’s church is not an outlier. Evangelicals hacked the GOP in pursuit of power. 1/10

Sean Feucht was in Indy last year [FN2] & says the USA should be governed “for the benefit of believers [T]hat’s why we get called Christian nationalists.” [FN3] No, dumbass, you call yourselves…


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Expressvote + other factors make Marion County voting secure

Elections are determined by the voters. Legitimacy of elections can be called into question when outcomes are determined by other factors. Marion County began early voting on April 9 for the May 7 primary election. [FN1] No system built by humans is perfect, but 1/6

ExpressVote, Marion County’s, addresses vulnerabilitie/reduces risks. Here are measures a voter (“V” for brevity) encounters:

1) Voter can vote, s/he/they must be eligible & registered. 2/6

2) At first stop…


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More on Micah Beckwith as IN Lt Gov

Micah Beckwith [FN1] gave us a preview of what to expect if he gets his way and (1) is the GOP nominee for Lt Gov & (2) the GOP ticket wins. On 9/8/22 he was appointed to HEPL’s board of trustees. [FN2] He had a quick, nasty reply to some who questioned his vague goals. 1/8

“You want smut on the shelves!?” When he was part of a 4-3 majority on HEPL’s board, he was able to push a policy that pulled books from the “young adult” for review. Beckwith didn’t have specifics for whether…


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Beckwith says what he will do if IN Lt Gov

This GOP has impaired our federal gov’t on orders from trump. Example: trump directed GOP members of Congress to stop bipartisan immigration reform. trump needs fear [FN1] to campaign on. Micah Beckwith [FN2] wants to be IN Lt Gov, but voters don’t like him. In 2020, he 1/7

lost a GOP primary for INCD5. [FN3] A 2022 end run on voters put him on the HEPL board. His bone-headed policy pulled books fr a “young adult” section, wasted $, got bad press & pissed off voters. Beckwith quit…


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