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More on Micah Beckwith as IN Lt Gov

Micah Beckwith [FN1] gave us a preview of what to expect if he gets his way and (1) is the GOP nominee for Lt Gov & (2) the GOP ticket wins. On 9/8/22 he was appointed to HEPL’s board of trustees. [FN2] He had a quick, nasty reply to some who questioned his vague goals. 1/8

“You want smut on the shelves!?” When he was part of a 4-3 majority on HEPL’s board, he was able to push a policy that pulled books from the “young adult” for review. Beckwith didn’t have specifics for whether a book is proper for young adults. A lot of books were moved and... 2/8

I worked in university libraries for about six (6) years. [FN3] Books are assigned call numbers. On the same page, at the front of a book, as copyright info, are call numbers, usually assigned before a book is printed for publication. [FN4] Moving collections in a library is a bite. [FN5] 3/8

Beckwith is unaware of how a library works. [FN6] His antics wasted $. A person who questioned him got “smut!” as an answer. He is a bully: vicious if he doesn’t get his way & a coward when he gets called on his shit. As Lt Gov he imagines himself as a “thorn” in a Governor’s side. 4/8

Beckwith is a power-hungry dumbass. If he makes it as Lt Gov, he’ll be as productive in Indiana gov’t as Lauren Boebert is in Congress (in Congress, not when she’s making dates happy in public places). Also, there’s the risk that Beckwith could become Gov. 5/8
FN1. Hamilton County preacher, n Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) board & now seeks GOP nomination for IN Lt GOV.
FN2. Hamilton East Public Library (“HEPL”). 6/8

FN3. Purdue University (1980-82, 1985-86); Northwestern University School of Law (1982-85).
FN4. Dewey decimal system or Library of Congress. SUDOCS is a system used to catalogue gov’t documents. 7/8

FN5. Northwestern’s law school had a grant to catalogue law reporters. We moved a lot of books.
FN6. I doubt he checked any books out from any of the HEPL locations. He sure as hell gives little indication of having read many books, esp re: The Constitution. 8/8

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