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Construing The Constitution is not easy (even a simpleton like Micah Beckwith)

Posted by Mark Small on March 13, 2023 at 8:41pm 0 Comments

"God" is absent from The Constitution produced by the Convention and signed on 9/17/1787. Indiana preacher Micah Beckwith says understanding The Constitution is "easy" but reads his deity into it. My friend Paul Ogden, on thr other hand, says limits on religion are there, but

limits "had to do with establishing a national religion." "Originalism" is the belief that how we interpret The Constitution is controlled by the intent of the Framers, the 55 delegates at the 1787 Convention.…


Does Sen Mike Braun have a "tell": smirks when he makes a racist comment?:

Posted by Mark Small on March 9, 2023 at 10:06pm 0 Comments

In a 3/9/23 email, Sen Mike Braun (R-IN) tries to tee off on President Biden for being “the very reason we have these disastrous deficits to begin with” & has no plan “to get America back on track.” No: trump’s tax cuts for the rich + increased defense spending = > $1 trillion deficit. 1/5

Trend: GOP Pres runs up deficit (Reagan/Bush I). Dem Pres tries to cut deficit (Clinton). GOP takes Oval Office & runs up deficit again (Bush II). Pres Obama got double whammy of deficit…


Sen Mike Braun turns a blind eye to real crime to advocate violence!

Posted by Mark Small on March 8, 2023 at 5:21pm 0 Comments

In 3/7/23 email, Sen Mike Braun (R-IN) says: “There’s a war on cops” & “soft-on-crime policies are at the root..” Last year Braun courageously tried to walk back approval of criminal penalties for mixed-race marriages. To blame “soft-on-crime policies” displays similar ignorance. 1/7

As the Brennan Center (9/27/21) notes, “‘brute force’ responses” to violent crime fail for three reasons. (1) There’s no evidence draconian sentences reduce crime; (2) Calling a crime “violent” is…


Originalism is at odds with disregard of slavery

Posted by Mark Small on March 7, 2023 at 9:40pm 0 Comments

There is significant overlap of people who say: (1) We need to get past slavery as part of our history; and (2) We have to apply The Constitution as the men who wrote it meant (also called “original intent”). Slavery formally ended in 1865. The Constitution was signed in 1787. 1/7

Slaves learned few skills; often, by law, could not be taught reading/writing/simple math. Only 4 years of warfare & more American lives lost than any war in our history ended slavery. In 1865 Southern…


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