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Beckwith says what he will do if IN Lt Gov

This GOP has impaired our federal gov’t on orders from trump. Example: trump directed GOP members of Congress to stop bipartisan immigration reform. trump needs fear [FN1] to campaign on. Micah Beckwith [FN2] wants to be IN Lt Gov, but voters don’t like him. In 2020, he 1/7

lost a GOP primary for INCD5. [FN3] A 2022 end run on voters put him on the HEPL board. His bone-headed policy pulled books fr a “young adult” section, wasted $, got bad press & pissed off voters. Beckwith quit when he lost a 4-3 majority & the ability to bully librarians. 2/7

Local coverage of news changed.[FN4] A 9/24/23 issue of Importantville [FN5] has an interview of Beckwith. [FN6] Beckwith, as Lt Gov, will be “a ‘thorn’ in the side of” the Gov he is “paired w/by delegates” if the Gov strays fr “constitutional or conservative values.” 3/7

A moderate/left-leaning Gov will face “more conflict.” [FN7] Beckwith has said “the ‘progressive left has taken over’” IN’s GOP. Asked if he cared to name names. Beckwith said: “We may be here for a while.” [FN8] Beckwith as Lt Gov would tell Gov what to do. If not? 2 options. 4/7

1) Beckwith says “God” spoke to him.2) Lt Gov is Gov upon Gov’s death. Any Gov needs a taste tester for meals. Beckwith is a Christofascist. He will run things even as #2. He only knows how to be a thorn. His time on HEPL’s board gave us a preview. People: read theinterview. 5/7

FN1. trump’s xenophobia has been a scummy light at the end of a sewer tunnel.
FN2. Hamilton County preacher, on the board of the Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL).
FN3. Beckwith finished #3 of 14 w/11,063 votes; I placed #10 w/1,057 votes. Ballotpedia. 6/7

FN4. E.g., I buy The Indianapolis Star only for starting the chimney for my grill, the day after an Indpls AAA baseball game I attend, or annual story of DePauw’s victory in The Belll game.
FN5. Its editor/reporter/chief is Christopher Wren.
FN6. Confessions of an (alleged) book banner/Importantville/by Christopher Wren.
FN7. Id. 7/7

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