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Beckwith's car-video today re: Constitution & tomorrow's debate

Each of us should have a basic understanding of The Constitution. So should Micah Beckwith, who will debate me Tuesday, 8 p.m., on the Facebook podcast “Mouthwash.” Mr Beckwith is a minister north of Indianapolis and ran as a GOP candidate for INCD5 in 2020.

Mr Beckwith, on car-cam today, said the Constitution is a living document that changes with cultures. “We’ve seen amendments come and go. Like ah abolition. We got rid of alcohol then you see the 21st Amendment comes back and…


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Did an officer abuse status to go wrong way on 1-way street on a date?

Mundane aspects of existence can be galling. I’m lucky - I’m a white male born in the USA in the mid-1950s. I saw a person in an unmarked car with cop plates pull quickly the wrong way on a one-way street.

The driver exited the vehicle - sorry if I start to write like a person who authors a probable cause affidavit, but I see a lot of those in my job - wore shorts and a t-shirt. That person walked to the opposite side of the vehicle.

The person who exited the passenger side…


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Hey Morgan! Rob! SCOTUS case 16-1464 and you seek same ends.

   Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner are great and courageous to have formed the Committee to Investigate Russia.  Mr. Freeman stated we “have been attacked” and that we “are at war.”

   The evidence of Russian attacks on our 2016 elections is beyond serious question. Russia hacked voting software in at least 21, and perhaps as many as 39, states; paid people in the Trump campaign; and weaponized the internet.

   Russian President Vladimir Putin hates democratic principles and systems.…


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Half the Case in 16-1464 has been proven---Special Master should be appointed.

   Under 1976 Federal case, half the case for voiding the 2016 elections already has been met. At the very least, we need an independent investigation of the election.

   Former Secretary of State Clinton was wrong when she said no mechanism in the Constitution exists to remove a President in office through collusion with a foreign power. 

   In 1976, a U.S. District Court held such action is within the equitable jurisdiction of the court.  Donohue v Bd of Electors, 435 F.Supp 957…


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Today at noon: Dr. Wilmer Leon's Show on Sirius---SCOTUS case seeks to void election.

“Live,” each morning, in a short video I discuss, and take questions about, Bailey v U.S., Supreme Court docket # 16-1464.. Yesterday, a person thought the video, and the header chosen for it—“Get off your butts”—were rude.

   In the video I said I’d be glad to debate any “pundit” or Con Law scholar who has opined Petition in Bailey has no merit. I asked each person who believes, at minimum, an independent investigation be conducted, to get off her or his butt and send the same…


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Academic freedom and Mitch Daniels are incompatible.

   In 1975 I helped organize students at DePauw to protest the University's denial of tenure to a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The denial had the effect of termination of the professor's employment. DePauw, at the time (maybe still) required that a professor achieve tenure within seven years of that professor's employment, or the employment would end. The professor, Robert Fornaro, held a Ph.D., had published peer-review articles, and had been voted Professor of…


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