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July 2022 Blog Posts (18)

Shoot-outs on movies advance gun culture

“The Grey Man,” a Netflix movie about a rogue CIA killer (Ryan Gosling). Screen time spent in shoot-outs was significant. With scores of actors “dead” and big chunks of Prague and Vienna depicted as lying in ruins, guns are used to shoot the main guy at the end. Why? 1/4

Movies are produced to meet demand, but then perpetuate the demand. Acting, scenery, special effects of “The Grey Man” were good. The vicious cycle to meet demand created by prior flicks is mundane and harmful.…


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MAGA rioters on Jan 6 had their chance to bear arms to fight "tyranny"

Gun culture advocates say the Second Amendment was written to protect an individual’s to own a gun as a way to stop tyranny. These same people usually say The Constitution must be strictly construed, with nothing read into it. For a moment, consider how tyranny would be fought. 1/4

Actually, we saw how the 2A would play out, on January 6, 2021. The mob that day even had a leader. So weigh, in one hand, is preservation of gun “rights” to arm people like the January 6 mob that stormed…


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"Good guy" shot the "bad guy," but the system DIDN'T WORK. Several died & the good guy faces PTSD

UPDATE: Final score in the Greenwood Mall shooting was Gunman 3 + several wounded + the scars to anyone who experienced this crap. If you want to point out that “a good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy,” that only happened AFTER the people were killed or wounded. 1/4

Let’s not forget about the good guy with a gun. He will have to deal with PTSD from shooting the “bad guy.” The PTSD is real. Studies of combat veterans after WWII showed most people do not like to kill other people,…


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Factors other than guns played greater roles in independence from Britain

When people die from gun violence, opponents of gun culture are supposed to feel guilty for not giving thanks to guns for U.S. independence from the British. We owe no such thanks for several reasons. First, there is no quality of guns, unique to the colonists, that brought victory. 1/4

In fact the British had more guns. Second, a lot of guns, cannon & ships used against the British were French and in French hands. Third, distance played a greater part than guns in the outcome.…


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Today Greenwood Mall had shooting deaths. Australia didn't. Let's pry fingers off of guns.

Guns strike again, this time in Greenwood. Guns are not devices for liberty, but establish a tyranny of fear. Gun nuts demean measures to control gun violence. After all, with so many guns out there, what’s the point of simple gun “control.” They get their jollies, too. 1/5

Don’s Guns owner would chuckle in his commercials, “I just love to sell guns.” DOJ ranked his store as #4 in the U.S. for selling guns to criminals. Ads for a gun show made fun of the Brady bill, named after an…


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Letter to Rep Ed Delaney

From: Mark Small

Date: July 16, 2022

Dear Representative DeLaney,

Thank you for the mailing in which you invited constituents in IN86 to share our thoughts on issues upon which we have big decisions to make. I shall address each as follows:

-How extreme will the restrictions on abortion be?

It seems that few people understand either that the opinion issued by the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was written by a Republican nominee to the Court,…


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3 idiots walk into a bar...

No one in the bar had seen the 3 before they parked their cycles (2 Harleys & an Indian nice & shiny like off a showroom floor) at the curb. None of the 3 wore “colors” or other finery of a motorcycle club. They went to back to play pool. 2 of the 3 had handguns on their belts. 1/6

It’s reasonable to presume that a minimum of 25% of the habitues of any bar in IN are packing. People just don’t make a show of it. These guys walked out of the bar and dawdled. The shortest of the…


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More on Indiana AG Todd Rokita espouses views on 10-year-old's rape

More on IN AG Todd Rokita & a 10-yr-old Ohio rape victim, who came to IN for an abortion. Rokita swore to fight to the end & implied he’d yank the license of the IN Dr who performed the procedure for failure to report. But: rape was reported in OH; a man was charged. 1/5

That I.C. 33-35-1, et seq, was met, probably makes no difference to Rokita, in the Top 5 of U.S. Most Insufferable Pricks & always after higher office. Pregnancy from rape is traumatic, then Rokita crawls…


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Indiana AG Rokita's stand on 10-year-old's rape solidifies his ranking as an insufferable prick

Todd Rokita, Indiana’s AG, has weighed in on the case of the 10-year-old Ohio rape victim, who had to travel to Indiana to obtain an abortion. Rokita said “we’re going to fight this to the end, including looking at [the doctor’s] her licensure if she failed to report.” 1/5

That’s bad enough, but then he added: “This is a child, and there’s a strong public interest in understanding if someone under the age of 16 or under the age of 18 or really any woman is having abortion in our…


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CDN will be on Tuesdays at but also ... whenever

Life is experiment. So, too, is podcasting. Technology & schedules are aspects of life & odd. As ideas occur to me or as events develop, CDN wilI appear in segments of five to 10 minutes, on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. The equipment (tech) is here & will expand. 1/4

Too much is going on & too much crap going down. Yesterday before the Jan 6 Committee, the former PR person for the Oath Keepers used the words “civil war” and “revolution” to describe what happened… Continue

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Funding for CDC studies of gun violence was cut in 1996 after research showed guns cause more violence than they prevent

Amer Psych Assoc, 2013: In ‘93, New England J of Med (NEJM) published “Gun ownership as a risk factor for homicide in the home,” by Kellerman, et al, w/results of research funded by the CDC. The study found keeping a gun in the home strongly & independently associated 1/5

w/increased risk of homicide. The article concluded that rather than confer protection, guns kept in the home are associated with an increase in the risk of homicide by family member or intimate acquaintance.…


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Ban guns in bars, just like they did in the old west

Nobody had seen them in the establishment before. They wanted to impress the rest of us. Two wore holsters in plain view. They stood for a few minutes beside motorcycles that had the looks of being recently wheeled off a showroom floor. One tossed a cigar wrapper on the sidewalk. 1/5

One guy stood next to his bike, hand on his semi-automatic pistol. He pulled it out, not quite all the way, then eased it back. We were less safe from these morons strutting in with their weapons on their…


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Far right uses guns to instill tyranny of fear

No one said 15% controls the USA. In 1776 the Virginia Declaration of Rights sd majority rule is “an indubitable, unalienable and indefeasible right.” Even those who beat a deceased canine & say trump won in 2020 say he got more votes. Then I heard G. Edward Griffin. 1/5

Griffin started Red Pill Expo, described by a human rights advocate as a vehicle for alt-right recruitment. The Expo visits Indy July 9 & 10. Griffin was a guest on John Schmitz’s podcast “Mouthwash,” on July…


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Dumbing down of education no longer is a luxury we can afford

wrote to colleges & universities listed in a thick guide. Schools would mail their latest bulletin and other items relevant to application. By start of my senior year of high school, I had a couple of shelves of bulletins. I wanted to go to college. College represented freedom.

On a beautiful spring afternoon in 1975, most of DePauw was shut down when many of us believed the American Association of University Professors was correct when it determined DePauw, in denying tenure to a…


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A gun is an ineffective substitute for a short or non-functional penis

July 4 parades in the Chicago area were canceled after a mass shooting in Highland Park. Gun nuts point to places like Chicago & say gun control doesn’t work. But that’s because Hoosier gun merchants are a short drive away. And how “free” are we because of this traffic? 1/4

I’ll state the obvious, but unthinkable (to some) answer to gun violence. We have to follow the example of Australia and get rid of the guns. Let me state it differently: if I am elected my goal will be to go…


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People were shot in Highland Park on this day of Independence

July 4 as a national holiday is fitting. The Declaration of Independence was signed July 2, 1776. A printer changed the date. The white, male landowners who signed the document represented a minority even amongst white, male landowners. (Oh, and no Jews or Muslims signed.) 1/6

There were no statistically valid polls, but a common estimate is one-third wanted to separate from England, another 1/3 wanted to keep the ties and 1/3 didn’t care. This is of white male landowners (no Jews or…


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Red Pill Expo July 9 & 10: The Fed will survive one more week

Live in Indiana? Without currency, i.e., money, you can’t drink orange juice often. You’d have to go to FL & barter for it. Currency is interchangeable & represents values of labor & goods. What backs paper money, gold? (1) We haven’t used gold in decades. (2) Gold has 1/6

no magical or intrinsic quality. A person starving on a desert island cannot eat gold. (3) Ppl who can will buy the teeth out of your mouth. Alexander Hamilton, 1st Sec’y of the Treasury helped create…


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Patrick Henry: Give me liberty and give them death!

History: what this GOP & it shameful progeny SCOTUS try to void. Before too many books are burned, read The Anti-Federalist Papers. Amongst opponents of The Constitution, Patrick Henry on 6/5/1788 he spoke to VA’s ratification convention & complained: We the People instead 1/5

of We the States. He worried liberty would be lost. First: Henry favored States’ “rights” & The Constitution, he argued, denied that concept. So if someone tries to tell you States have rights &…


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