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A gun is an ineffective substitute for a short or non-functional penis

July 4 parades in the Chicago area were canceled after a mass shooting in Highland Park. Gun nuts point to places like Chicago & say gun control doesn’t work. But that’s because Hoosier gun merchants are a short drive away. And how “free” are we because of this traffic? 1/4

I’ll state the obvious, but unthinkable (to some) answer to gun violence. We have to follow the example of Australia and get rid of the guns. Let me state it differently: if I am elected my goal will be to go after the guns. If you are a male & you need a gun as a substitute for a penis? 2/4

You need therapy, not “firepower.” After I heard about Highland Park, I used what some say is a vulgar expression. I won’t apologize for my language. The right wing is a minority that’s grabbed hold of our country. We have to get our country back. Make sure you’re registered to vote. 3/4

The first step against gun violence is: don’t own a gun. I’m Mark Small: pro-choice, pro environment, pro-civil rts & anti-gun GOP nominee for IN House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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