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June 2022 Blog Posts (42)

What will it take to convince people that trump tried to overthrow the gov't?

The question is simple: what will it take for a person to accept that trump criminal acts as he tried to hold onto the presidency? It’s an important question because it shapes what people believe as they vote in the November mid-term elections. Nixon still had 27% approval Aug 1, 1974. 1/5

Categories & if talking w/them is time wasted. 1) “Nothing will convince me.” They are the same ones of whom trump said he could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue & not lose votes.…


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People have fought for liberty, but mobs, like on Jan 6, use guns to oppress

Watergate wasn’t this blatant. Nixon still is the only POTUS to resign. trump had been “warned” that members of the mob that eventually stormed the Capitol were heavily armed. He knew the plans. He said weapons were okay because the mob wasn’t going to harm him. 1/5

The 2nd Amendment wasn’t meant to arm coups. The Jan 6 mob, Nazis amongst them, carried confederate flags. Many people died to end slavery and to secure rights for former slaves & their descendants. Many died fighting…


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Will tomorrow's surprise witness at the Jan 6 committee hearing be retired Justice Anthony Kennedy?

The surprise witness at tomorrow’s hearing before the January 6 Committee, per two sources, is retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. SCOTUS has been jacked by theocrats and the decisions of the past couple of weeks on school vouchers and prayer after football games should be in Latin. 1/5

A 2/4/20 article in The Guardian, on “Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and an Epic Trail of Destruction,” by NYT finance editor David Enrich describes Kennedy retired in June ‘18 & gave trump…


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Racists now are brazen

Person w/Facebook home page photo of confederate stars on bars superimposed on a U.S. flag, said “I have no problem with blacks or mexicans.” I said: “If you have the Confederate ‘X’ of stars across an American flag logo, then you have a problem with Blacks.” He replied: 1/4

“yeah keep thinking that boy now go play with your barbies.” Me: “you rack up points for stupidity. The Confederacy fought to keep slavery. That's about as racist as things get. And what"s this with ‘barbies’? Of…


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The majority favors a woman's right to choose.

A majority of people in the USA opposed overturning Roe v Wade. CNN’s polling, since 1989, never has shown more than 36% favoring overturning Roe. Gerrymandering, packing the Court and less-than-candid testimony by GOP nominees to the Court ended with Roe’s reversal. 1/5

People who do not face crises of unwanted pregnancies can be self-righteous. But 1 in 4 women have an abortion at some point. I’ve met none who either were glib about the experience or who regretted it. Their reasons…


Added by Mark Small on June 26, 2022 at 2:41pm — 1 Comment

Evangelicals push a brand of nihilism & cannot legitimately claim to be moral

If Roe v Wade had not been handed down, violent crime would not have dropped in 1991. Males around 18 yo commit a significant percentage of violent crime, some of which are murder of real human beings, not fetuses. Donohue & Levitt’s conclusions are confirmed by other studies. 1/4

One in four women have abortions. This country has lousy health care, no day care, and squeezes people who want a higher education. If a woman survives pregnancy and gives birth, and if she is alone…


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Anti-choice women who believe rights are what they were in 1789 should shut up, as they would have been told to do in 1789

Our rights are not limited by The Constitution. Hamilton (Fed 84) said a bill of rights is harmful because what is not listed is not a right. Amend IX says: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” 1/6

The Civil War gave us a more powerful central government because States violated rights that are universal & should not be subject to State lines. Amend XIII ended slavery & XV protects…


Added by Mark Small on June 25, 2022 at 7:02pm — 2 Comments

Evangelicals don't believe other Christians really are, well, Christians

With a nod & a wink they assure you. Christians stick together, right? They’re Christians. If you don’t believe it, ask them. They get your vote. Then you find out they don’t believe you really are a Christian. You “sprinkle” instead of fully immersing for baptism. Or you worship statutes. 1/6

The Framers of The Constitution wanted to separate church & State, not because of any beliefs but Christianity. A lot of people in Europe died because of The Reformation, in which…


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Evangelicals and abuse or neglect of kids

Evangelicals have political power far in excess of their numbers in Indiana & in violation of separation of church and State. Abuse or neglect of a child is a criminal act. One may reasonably infer that evangelicals believe causing a child to go to hell is harmful to that child. 1/5

Parents have a fundamental rt to raise their children, but this rt is not absolute. In re K.T.K. 989 N.E.2d 1225, 1230 (Ind. 2013). When parents are unwilling to meet parental responsibilities, their…


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Do not vote for any GOP candidates for U.S. House or Senate & I can say that as a GOP nominee & office holder

Majority rule is anathema to this iteration of the Republican Party. After all, its candidates for the Oval Office lost the popular vote eight of the last 10 elections. Despite its losers, the GOP has named six of the nine Justices on a Roberts Court that is as redolent as the Taney Court. 1/7

IN GOP Rule 1-6. If an individual openly supports a candidate after the primary who opposes a GOP candidate, they are not in good standing in the GOP & may be removed for cause. That’s the…


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Questionnaire from Advance America, a right-wing NFP POS.

News today is depressing. The rule of law expires thanks to less-than-candid answers given at confirmation hearings. Gun guys dance as the 2nd Amendment is shot full of steroids & expands far beyond “original intent.” More ppl will be shot full holes. Kids aren’t safe. 1/7

We didn’t have mass school shootings until the NRA & its whores gave everyone guns to make us more safe. Teachers in public schools either can be shot with their kids or face jail time for teaching actual…


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There's no such creature as a "RINO"

RINO (Republican in Name Only) What trump calls NE1 in GOP who opposes him. On 6/22 I was called RINO by person who 1) appears 2 B a troll & 2) is ignorant of IN GOP corp docs & history. IN GOP: not-4-profit incorp’d 2005 by Terre Haute/former Cit United atty J. Bopp. 1/4

IN GOP’s articles of incorp’n/rules don’t mention ideology but insulate entity that can’t be taken over as it was in 2005. Plus statutes give GOP automatic powers as one of 2 “major” political parties. As…


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We need poll workers & not guns at the polls

I worked the polls in 2006. The work was not pleasant. We had to be there from before the polls opened to after the polls closed. There was no question the voting was consistent with the law. A paper record was created after the electronic vote was cast. Both “major” parties had reps. 1/3

Poll workers from Georgia did their jobs & were doxed & terrorized to regret working the polls. Pres Biden didn’t win by fraud. The only fraud was for #45. Otoh, in 2016 trump got the Oval…


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What we can expect as a result of the "pro-life" overturning of Roe: deaths.

Evangelicals, et al, are poised to get what they’ve wanted: overturn Roe v Wade. Politico has noted: According to Paul Weyrich, conservative activist & architect of the Religious Right, the movement’s initial focus was segregation They were for it) in the 1970s. As noted 1/6

in Roe, abortion has been common & accepted throughout history, by Christians and, strongly, by Judaism. 410 U.S. 129-30. Evangelicals no longer could advocate overtly for racism, so they shifted to…


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Guns kill a lot of people in an American way of death

Guns kill a lot of people in the USA each day. If person (a) can’t get or (b) is delayed in getting a gun, lives are saved. A lawyer on radio today demeaned the deterrent effect of criminal penalties for gun offenses. His avocation is to sell gun violence. Time is irrelevant. Guns rule.1/6

Guns have ruled our public schools for 20 years. Hundreds of millions of guns in the USA have not made us more “free.” So the sales pitch of such merchants of death is we need more guns to be able…


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GOP nominee for Sec'y of State, IN's chief election officer, believes "The Big Lie."

Diego Morales is the surprise IN GOP nominee for Secy of State. State GOP rule Rule 1-6: one “who openly supports a candidate who opposes GOP candidate is not in good standing” & may be removed. Rules 3-22 & 3-23. That means free speech is not a value in IN’s GOP. 1/4

Mr Morales (1) believes The Big Lie, i.e., trump won in 2020 & thus (2) Mr Morales, if elected, could impede, rather than help ensure, fair elections. I have not said I support either Jeff Maurer, the…


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Platform for today's IN GOP convention: NOT a "party for all"

The Platform for the 2022 IN GOP convention today at The Fairgrounds, proclaims the GOP is a “Party for All,” but header is contradicted by the contents. IN GOP is a “Party for All” that are white, gun-totin’, evangelicals with minds stuck in the ‘50s. “Core Beliefs”? 1/6

“We believe the First Amendment” is a nifty header for 1A “guarantees the freedom of religion, not from religion, and it protects political and religious speech.” The Establishment clause is freedom from religion.…


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IN State GOP delegates, 6/18/22 convention, chicken excrement & guns

In “Jaws” 2 kids prank people on the beach by swimming around with a fake dorsal fin. The kids break the surface with guns pointed at them. One kid says: “He made me!” It’s convenient to lay the blame on someone else. Tomorrow Indiana’s GOP holds its convention. 1/5

Brave souls of the GOP who defend rights (never intended) under the 2nd Amendment will allow attendees to have guns. Right? No, per “the policy of the Indiana State Fairgrounds, no firearms are permitted inside the…


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I hope WIBC's Rob Kendall's comment about "Black Death" wasn't what it sounded like

Local radio station WIBC has history, some good. The past few years it’s been a place for far-right shows otherwise homeless. This morning on “Kendall & Casey,” Rob Kendall expressed disgust for people who “politicize” mass shootings. He meant pro-gun control ppl. 1/5

He’s not been outraged by the NRA or gun manufacturers who pay members of Congress to stop gun control. Buying Congress politicizes the issue, but in a different way. Protests after shootings are the only recourse…


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Only hatred of women allows rapists parental rights under IN law

Indiana should not allow rapists to have any rights to visitation, much less extract support, from women whom they have raped & impregnated. That’s what Indiana law allows. Louisiana has set an example of how these laws play out. That this could happen is absurd & evil. IN law: 1/5

woman has sole custody of child born out of wedlock. I.C. 31-14-13-1. If rapist contests, Court determines custody based on child’s best int w/no presumption favoring either parent. Strangers (as in…


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