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Communists, Libertarians, and maybe a Republican or democrat? To discuss again efficacy of third parties in American politics.

   Come on! We have a Show. We have civil discourse. Watch the past ashows. We soon will be "live." In the meantime, we will have an audience--right there. We broadcast on the seond floor of Big Hat Books 6510 Cornell Avenue  in Broad Ripple. Do you want to enhance discourse? Get off your butts. Come out and shownup. There's no cover charges, unless the Batles appear. This week? Third pareties and thir efficacy in American Politics. Come on! Ask questions. Demand answers. If we do not do…


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Today's Show: Come on out to Big Hat Books at 11 a.m. 6510 Cornell!

   Parties that have arisen as alternatives to the Democratic and Republican parties should not be called "third parties." First, that cedes ground to the two "major" parties and implies any new party merely is a stand-by. Second, as I previously have written on this blog, the two majors function as one party in significant respects. In each of the 46 states and four commonwealths, they have enacted legislation that limits access to ballots to "two" parties. They also derive monies from many…


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Single payer health care would make the debate over Planned Parethood funding moot.

   In the United States, health care costs twice as much per capita as in the second-most expensive country for health care, according to the National Center for Health Studies. Yet we rank 37th in the World in health care quality and 42nd in adult mortality rates.

   The people who profit from this system are the major shareholders in health insurance companies. In the meantime, the rest of us die sooner than we should. I pay nearly $1,000 per month for health…


Added by Mark Small on February 10, 2012 at 7:08am — 16 Comments

Taking the WABAC(R) Machine to the year 1787: did the Framers want political parties?

   It has taken years, but finally I was able to sketch out a copy of the controls of the WABAC® machine, as used by Sherman and Mr. Peabody. Using a black Magic Marker®, I sketched out the controls on an interior panel of a corrugated, cardboard box.

   So please join me as we travel back in time to Philadelphia in the summer of 1787.

   The first thing to strike the sense is the smell of horse sh-----uh, manure. Even the cobble stone paved streets of the nicer sections of the…


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Representeatives of more third parties than any show in Indianapolis: Saturday, Feb 11, 11 am. Be there. Aloha!

   At the time of the Constitutional Convention, the issue of whether to continue the institution of slavery was critical. The States of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and, in particular, South Carolina, were greatly reliant for slave labor on their plantations. It was feared the delegates of those States would walk out of the convention were slavery to be abolished. At least 20 of the 53 delegates who attended the convention claimed ownership in other human beings as…


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Next Saturday: The efficacy of "third parties" with representatives of the Constitution Party of Indiana and the Greater Indianapolis Socialist Party-USA.

   Our Civics textbook freshman year of high school had a right-wing slant. It had to have been the most right-wing textbook available, given our teacher’s views. He did not "lean" right-wing. He fully fell over the railing and down into the abyss.

   One section of the textbook really angered me. Four or five paragraphs, blocked-off on a page  with gray background, explained the "folly" of third parties. I took issue with the book and argued there have been successful third parties…


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Enjoy the game: is this a world-class city?

   Everyone seems happy about the Super Bowl®. We have projected the image of a "world class city." (I don’t know if that phrase is trademarked or copyrighted. One day maybe all words and phrases will be copyrighted and/or trademarked and one will require a license to speak.) The concept expressed by more than one person is that Indianapolis has thrown such a good Super Bowl®, the NFL® will want to return here for another or more.

   First, I doubt—really, truly, honestly doubt—the…


Added by Mark Small on February 4, 2012 at 9:41am — 2 Comments

How did the NFL(r) obtain that injunction, and what does the order say?

   Of the two, I do not know what I find more distressing: 1) That a Marion County Superior Court judge granted blanket powers to three corporations—the NFL®, the New York Giants®, and the New England Patriots®—to seize any item their agents or employees deem an infringement of copyright/trademark, or that the story about the issuance of the order granting that injunctive relief that appeared yesterday morning on the Indiana Law Blog was gone by last evening.

   There are procedures…


Added by Mark Small on February 3, 2012 at 8:08am — 3 Comments

Do you want a person with the personality traits necessary to become President of the United States to hold such power?

   Was George Washington a great president? Let’s see—he was a slaveholder, lost more battles than he fought, bought a lot of land via his access as President of the United States. Was Abraham Lincoln a great President? He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, stifled protest and dissent to the point that riots against the draft occurred in New York City, and all this after he was alleged to have snuck into Washington, D.C., prior to his inaugural, so as not to be seen.



Added by Mark Small on February 2, 2012 at 8:07am — 1 Comment

SPECIAL EDITION OF "CIVIL DISCOURSE NOW"---3:30 p.m. today (2/2/12) at the Red Lion with signs and everything!

   Red Lion Grog House is located at 1043 Virginia Avenue, in Fountain Square. Red Lion has set a sandwich board outside its front entrance for over two years. Last Friday evening, an individual from City Code Enforcement advised the proprietor that the sign was in violation of an ordinance, adopted in August by The City of Consolidated Indianapolis and Marion County, through the City Council and the Mayor, to cater (more accurately kow-tow) to the NFL®. The ordinance was passed to assuage…


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Romney as President: would he be a nihilist?

   Mitt Romney has bragged about his abilities as a business person. He has pushed his record in the private sector, as a corporate executive, in the course of touting how he would address problems in the economy in a way superior to President Obama’s.

   1) Realize Romney jokingly referred to himself has having been unemployed for over ten years. But that is not a joke in the sense that he has been out of the private sector, operating a business, for that period.



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Ranking the Presidents of the United States: February 4's show at 11 a.m. at Big Hat Books.

   Saturday’s Show will consider matters somewhat related to the current round of primaries.

   Whom would you rank as the best president of all time? Whom would you say was the worst? Whom would you say was (here comes a phrase that is perhaps an oxymoron) the most mediocre president? I refer here to POTUS. The President of the United States. For sake of clarity, we would not count those individuals who served as president under the Articles of Confederation, as the nature of the job…


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   Because the Super Bowl® has occupied Indianapolis, the NFL® flew in (at City expense, of course) a special photographer for book-ins at the Marion County Jail. Actually, the effort was to make sur…

   Because the Super Bowl® has occupied Indianapolis, the NFL® flew in (at City expense, of course) a special photographer for book-ins at the Marion County Jail. Actually, the effort was to make sure one person was not available to take those head shots. The NFL had sought to hire the photographer responsible for the most famous head shot of all time. Long after Nick Nolte has retired, and 48 Hours is mentioned more frequently in trivia contents than discussions of really cool…


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TODAY: Come to Big Hat Books at 11 and see things live ("live" with a long "i")!

   And the day has arrived. We begin shooting at 11 a.m. at Big Hat Books. Big Hat is located at 6510 Cornell Avenue, immediately north of the Brewpub, just north of 65th. Cornell runs parallel to the Monon Trail. For those of you who might not be familiar with Broad Ripple, Google®  the address (as I presume you are on a computer if you are reading this blog).

   The City of Consolidated Indianapolis and Marion County has, in place, a silly ordinance meant to cater (more…


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Who will make money from the Super Bowl(trademark)? Tow truck drivers and hookers?

   Who will make the money from Indianapolis’s hosting of the Super Bowl®?

   1) The number of locally-owned businesses downtown (or anyplace, for that matter) has declined significantly over the past decade. The hotels are national chains—Marriott, Hilton, Westin, or spin-offs. The bellpeople, housekeeping staff, and other personnel will earn their paychecks and maybe receive some well-deserved tips. The Slippery Noodle Inn and St. Elmo’s, the last I checked, are locally-owned. The…


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CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE via CIVIL DISCOURSE---Saturday, Jan 28, 2012, at 11 a.m.

   Bernard P. Fife was a lawman. He wore a badge—issued to him by Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry. On the lot where they shot "The Andy Griffith Show," Barney Fife was a lawman—so long as the cameras were rolling, he was acting within the script, and all the other actors stayed in character. In other words, he was a fictional lawman. Barney Fife also is the first example of whom people think of an overly-zealous, authoritative person who should not have even one bullet on his…


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What Price Israel?

I finished Alfred Lilienthal's book What Price Israel? recently. A very interesting thesis, especially in light of other knowledge that I previously possessed concerning some of the author's assertations.


Several things stuck in my mind. This book was written in the early 1960s, yet most of the author's comments concerning the influence of well-heeled minority special interests upon the U. S. Congress and Presidency are as accurate today as they were…


Added by Kurt Lorey on January 25, 2012 at 5:47pm — 1 Comment

WTF! NFL a NFP? CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE 1/28/12 at 11 a.m.

   Would this person be in her/his right mind?

   Mr. League, a wealthy person, announces he wants to throw a party, in a private residence, for a lot of his wealthy friends. He has certain requirements, but insists he pay—nothing. He receives several responses. He picks Mr. Indy (I’m trying to make identities vague here), because Mr. Indy not only will not charge Mr. League any rent, but will pay all the costs—security, food, beverages (and Mr. League’s pals like to drink), and…


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CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and Chapter 986 of the Revised Code of the Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County.

   One would think a small shop would be the kind of local business politicians (of either major party) would want to benefit from a publicly-subsidized event. After all, each election cycle "small business" is an often-used phrase to extol candidates’ virtues. I never have heard a politician speak ill of "small business" as a concept.

   Let’s say a locally-owned sandwich shop, within one mile of Lucas Oil Stadium (or in Broad Ripple, on Mass Ave, or in Fountain Square) displays a…


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   The First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads, in relevant part:

  "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech..."

   Article I, sec. 9 of the Indiana Constitution (Article I is our State’s Bill of Rights) reads:

      "No law shall be passed, restraining the free interchange of thought and opinion, or restricting the right to speak,    write, or print, freely on any subject whatever: but for the abuse of that right, every person…


Added by Mark Small on January 22, 2012 at 7:53am — 2 Comments

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