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Reply to Mikey Pence's solicitation e-mail

It’s one thing to receive solicitations from the current occupant of the Oval Office, but today I received a similar e-missive from Numero 2 - the former Governor of the Hoosier State. Mike Pence lacks an understanding of “vice” to be VP.

In #2's view, the Democratic Party’s (apparent) nominee had the gall to name, as his running mate, a person who is not an old, white male. Of course the man who exited Indiana before the voters could turn him out can’t say THAT. Instead:

“Biden and the Democrat Party have been overtaken by the Radical Left. Given their promises of higher taxes, open borders, socialized medicine and Abortion on Demand, it’s no surprise he chose Senator Harris, she is weak on crime and refuses to put America First.”

So, I must address good ol’ #2: Mikey, I wish the Radical Left had taken over the Democratic - that’s the name - Party. “Higher taxes”? Only because administrations over-spent from 1981-93, 2001-09, and 2017 to present.
What party claimed the Oval Office during those years? And, just like grown-ups who have to clean up bad credit card debt when college first years grab credit card offers off of bulletin boards, things got balanced.

“Open borders”? My ancestors came to these shores in the 1600s and borders were wide open. However, a person who comes to the USA to avoid military service in Prussia or, or gets his wife in on a waiver to cover, let’s say, “adult services” - they should be tossed out.

The rest of the developed World - wait, I’m sorry. The Developed World has “socialized medicine.” We rank 37th in quality of care and are twice as expensive as anyone else. Maybe our education system should be public again and kids will learn that “socialism” is not simplistic.

Obviously you did not read Roe v Wade when you were in law school on New York Street. The decision as to whether to undergo abortion is not “on demand” and is not an easy decision for a woman to make. Then again, “on demand” describes the services of the present administration in the context of demands by Putin.

You say Senator Harris “is weak on crime.” I think you are weak on The Constitution. We have 25 percent of the World’s prison inmate population with only five percent (5%) of its total population. We hardly are the “Land of the Free.”

Former members of the present administration get pardoned or have sentences commuted. People who are not well placed - and, oh that’s right, aren’t white - get killed or put in prison. Maybe that’s why so many say BLACK LIVES MATTER.

I have to address the notion of “America First.” The phrase implies “to hell with everyone else.” That’s the mind set that has so many people - well, miffed, to be polite - at the USA. We have to live with others and co-exist.

Of course, the America First Committee (AFC) existed long before Putin’s patsy - I’m sorry, you know I mean trump - grabbed hold of the America First moniker. You remember Charles Lindbergh, the “lone eagle” who crossed the Atlantic? He was an AFC spokesman.

Lindbergh opposed the US entry into WWII: “Instead of agitating for war, the Jewish groups in this country should be opposing it in every possible way for they will be among the first to feel its consequences,” Lindbergh said.

Actually as history - a topic with which neither you nor #1 is familiar - has shown that “Jewish groups” in Germany already had faced the consequences, for several years, of Nazi rule. Millions died while anti-semites like Lindbergh had a soft spot for Hitler.

I’ll respond to the rest of your message later. I feel somewhat ill after having to read it through twice. Worse - my cat saw the screen and yakked at what you wrote. Sincerely, Mark Small, GOP precinct committee person, Marion County, Washington Township 21-01.

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Comment by pogden297 on August 14, 2020 at 11:11am

I've read Roe v. Wade several times.  There is no question that the decision mandates abortion on demand for the first six months of pregnancy.  (Later modified to viability by Planned Parenthood v. Casey.)  The term "on demand" means the right is absolute.  It cannot be prohibited.  While some minor regulations are allowed during those first six months the right is still absolute.  

It sounds like you just don't like the sound of the term "on demand."  It is still accurate, however.


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