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Spartz is trump sycophant & should quit GOP

Money can’t buy everything? It can buy a GOP nomination for Congress, specifically Indiana’s 5th Congressional District (INCD5). Victoria Spartz probably brings a sparkle to the eye of the man who runs the USA.

Spartz never has won a general election - ever. The office of State senator was bestowed upon her by GOP caucus. Her website displays, overall and on specific issues, a depth of knowledge on a par with another GOP House Rep who comes to mind - Louie Gohmert.

Spartz’s website: “limited government is always better, and financial and healthcare decisions should be made by individuals in the free market, not bureaucrats and special interests.” She has not read U.S. history very well.

Limited government: the 1800s saw really wealthy white men enjoy freedom in business. The concept was called “laissez-faire.” “[French ‘let (people) do (as they choose))’ Governmental abstention from interfering in economic or commercial affairs” Black’s, 2014, p. 1007.

Limited government is not “always” better, as Spartz maintains. “always - every time; on every occasion; without exception” Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed., 2001, p.62. Laissez-faire gave us horrendous pollution, child labor, and oppression.

Republican President Theodore Roosevelt helped impose more government on corporations. In the 1970s, another GOP President, Richard Nixon, signed into law acts that created the EPA and helped to clean the country’s air and water.

Because Spartz says “financial and healthcare decisions should be made by individuals in the free market, not bureaucrats and special interests,” I infer she plans to quit the GOP, and soon. We have “death panels” - but controlled by oligopolies of insurance corporations.

The current occupant of the Oval Office (a/k/a dt) has gamed the system and poured tons of money into the pockets of family members and pals. A “bureaucrat” can be in either public or private spheres. dt has them in both.

A “special-interest group” is an “organization that seeks to influence legislation or government policy in favor of a particular interest or issue” Black’s, p. 936. Under dt our government has expanded groups it treats as “special.”

Large corporations - domestic and foreign - and hate groups - you name ‘em! - enjoy greater latitude under this administration. Of course, Spartz doesn’t really reject special interest groups or bureaucrats. She simply uses terms at which trump supporters salivate.

Spartz dangles the magic word “socialism” before dt’s supporters’ eyes as a final validation of her views: “in socialist-controlled Ukraine, she experienced firsthand the dark side of socialism.” She doesn’t have to define “socialism” - she only has to use the word.

Her use of “socialism” as stimulus to some INCD5 GOP salivation glands no doubt warms the cockles of the heart of the man who runs the USA. Of course, there are countries with sizeable portions of their economies functioning in socialism that work quite well.

Of course we subsidize oil, aircraft and high-tech corporations - to name three sectors - with billions in public monies. That is NOT free market. Also, since the CEOs of those corporations do as they please, they’re not socialists.

I am GOP precinct committee person in Marion County, Washington Township INCD5. State GOP Rule 1-25: “‘Republican in Good Standing’ ... supports Republican nominees and who does not actively or openly support another candidate against a Republican nominee.”

dt is not yet the Republican nominee for anything. He has committed, or at very least been complicit in acts of, treason with Russia. Russia, of course, is run by the same guy that runs this country - Putin.

I received an e-mail solicitation for donation from Spartz yesterday that states: “Democrats have truly gone too far this time, and the only way to stop them is to take back the House. That’s why it’s crucial that we win this battleground race in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.”

She goes on: “We simply can’t afford another term with Nancy Pelosi ... Democrats know that Hoosiers are tired of politics as usual and the coastal elites trying to drag us towards socialism. They’re going to do everything in their power to prop up my radical opponent, but we can fight back.”

Spartz needs to know this: Pelosi is not responsible for over 150,000 unnecessary deaths. The incompetent in the Oval Office and Putin - the guy who pulls the strings - have done that. Our economy has tanked, too.

And “prop up” Spartz’s opponent? Christina Hale has won EVERY TIME she has run as an individual on a ticket. As John Gregg’s running mate, Ms. Hale was burdened with Gregg’s political weight.

We simply CANNOT AFFORD another four years of trump - whom Spartz supports so whole-heartedly. He will not question Putin’s bounty on US military personnel in Afghanistan. Why? Because Putin owns him.

This is a two-party system. The last time one of the two major political parties absented itself, we had the Civil War and the issue was slavery. On the line now is our entire political system and the rights of everyone except old, wealthy white men.

State GOP rules prohibit me from “actively or openly supporting” Christina Hale against “a Republican nominee” - i.e., Spartz. Ms. Hale is eminently qualified, astute on the issues, and a damned decent person. I did not say I support her. There.

Spartz’s blind sycophancy for trump renders her unfit for office. Rules require a GOP in good standing “support Republican nominees.” It doesn’t say ALL GOP nominees. That would be repugnant to the First Amendment, the Indiana Constitution, and common sense.

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