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Reply to the evil swine who write trump fundraising emails

I received another “funder” e-mail from trump’s campaign. Since it is stated in the 3rd person, trump did not write it (or anything else in his life; the books over his by-line, like the answers on his SAT, were ghost-written.
To whomever the trump campaign assigned to draft this E-mail:

I only want to address a couple of items. You say, of VP Biden and Sen Harris “Both of them are corrupt career politicians who LOVE anarchy and HATE America. ...” The current occupant of the Oval Office knows a lot about corruption. It’s the life blood of his family’s businesses.

If trump's position on crime is exemplified by his call to execute the Central Park 5 - AFTER they were completely exonerated - that is blatant racism. You obviously know little about “anarchy” - say, for example, its definition.

“The political belief that there should be no government and that instead ordinary people should work together to improve society.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th ed., 2014,p. 104. Let’s say, for a moment, though, you mean an Absence “of government; lawlessness.”

trump has done a bang-up job of being absent from the government. He checks out golf courses more than possible solutions to COVID.

I have to agree with the statement that VP Biden and Sen Harris will “DESTROY everything we’ve worked so hard for.” This administration has done its best to rip apart gains made by the United States in nearly every area.

Our infrastructure, economy and court system have been crippled by trump, who prostrates himself before foreign oligarchs. Putin paid a lot to put plant a treasonous asset at 1600. After January 20, 2021, they WILL reverse the process of destruction.

I can’t think of any more blatant example of hatred for this country than someone who turns his back as Putin pays bounties on our military personnel.

“We know that Joe and Kamala don’t stand a chance against President Trump and Vice President Pence, but we can’t ignore the fact they are being FLOODED with dirty Mega Donor Money coming from ELITES who live on the COAST.”

trump should not complain about “dirty” money. trump refuses to disclose his tax returns and finances. Until he does, he should keep his mouth shut about such matters. Oh wait - he can’t keep his mouth shut, congenital liar that he is.

“It’s REAL Americans vs. SOCIALISTS, and President Trump is calling on YOU to step up and make a statement that AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE.” It’s not for sale in your eyes, perhaps, because Putin already put up money.

And please don’t wail about socialists. Unless you understand what socialism is and realize most industrialized societies consist in large part of socialism, don’t use the term.

All my life I’ve voted for candidates of the Democratic Party. I joined the GOP in 2019 because after November 3, 2020, what’s left of that party will twist in the wind. Like it or not, the Constitution created a government inherently geared toward two parties.

Real Americans will send notice of eviction to trump, et al, on November 3. We also need to toss closet fascists out of the GOP and take our country back from such evil swine. I’m Mark Small, GOP precinct committee person, Marion County, Indiana. I don’t like your e-mails.

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