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1st Hoosier elected Republican to demand trump resign

Friends of mine and folks who know me through social media, please read through to the end of this blog - or thread on social media - before you shut it off. In 2010 the far right grabbed one half of our political structure by “primarying” Republicans deemed not sufficiently far right.

They - or their leaders - knew that by taking over one of the two “major” political parties, they effectively grabbed the mechanisms written into statutes. “Third party” and independent candidates have to petition to be on ballots. Not the “D’s” and “R’s.”

Election boards routinely “toss” signatures on petitions - petitions for candidates that seek to run against the grain, i.e., the 2 major parties. The “D’s” were silly in being complicit - so, too, were “old guard” “R’s.” It is time that we employed tactics - as shareholders in the hostile takeover of a corporation; and that’s what the two “major” political parties are: corporations - to take back control of our political structure.

Racists do not have a right to run this country. Oligarch rulers of foreign powers - dictators - are not supposed to pick who our leaders are.

I have voted for a lot of Democratic Party candidates in my life. I’ve voted for far more candidates from the Democratic Party than I have the GOP. I voted in the 2019 GOP primary in the Indiana municipal elections so that I could run as a Republican.

GOP candidates who back trump’s agenda need to understand that their days as Republicans are over. They can be the ones to start their own “third” party and call it what they want. Once the dust clears on November 4, we have to get down to business.

I am the first elected Republican official in Indiana (according to a couple of friends) to demand that the President and Vice-President resign immediately. I’m a mere precinct committee person in Marion County, but screw it.

Today’s revelation that the Senate Intelligence Committee validated what amounts to treason in the 2016 - treason by trump, et al, at the direction of Vladimir Putin - is the last straw. GOP officials during Watergate did a duty GOP people won’t do now.

I’m also going to run, in 2022, in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate against Todd Young - a Republican who has sought to lick the boots of a person who has turned his back on Putin’s pay of bounties for dead U.S. military personnel.

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