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Der Wehrmacht view of Normandy, 11/3/20

June 6, 1944, dawn: German troops on the “Atlantic wall” awoke and, as mists cleared, saw the largest armada in history, the Allies’ long-anticipated attack, aimed at them. German - and Allied - troops had reason to fear the next hours and (for survivors) the next months.

Germans also had reason to fear the post-War. How would survivors, if not prosecuted as war criminals, explain - to their children, grandchildren, neighbors if they sought escape to another country - how had they been able to serve the 3rd Reich?

Ever the patriot, at WWI’s start Ed Jackson - a swell guy, if by “swell” you include those who pander to racists - resigned as Indiana’s Secretary of State and enlisted in the Army. He saw “action”: at Battle Creek, Michigan, and Battleground, Indiana.

In 1924 Edward Jackson,- was elected Governor of Indiana, thanks to the head guy of the KKK, D.C. Stephenson (“D.C.” for brevity), who never left U.S. soil but bragged of his combat experience. The KKK was - and is - comprised of racists. But the KKK hedged its bets:

“Though the Klan principally backed Republicans (because they were generally in control), Stephenson crossed party lines to support some Democrats who would in turn be obligated to the Klan.” Leibowitz, “My Indiana,” 1964, p. 193.

White male Protestants got elected in 1920s Indiana. Maybe a couple of white male Catholics held office. The KKK was a reflection of the Hoosier State. Ed was hardly an exception to S.O.P. Ed ran into hassles.

Madge Oberholzer, who worked in the office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, was murdered by D.C. When Jackson refused to pardon D.C., D.C. spilled whatever guts he had to the press: dirt he had on Ed in D.C.’s “black box.”

Ed’s career took a nosedive. He was charged with attempted bribery (of his predecessor as Indiana’s governor who refused the bribe but, ironically, was convicted in another case). Ed dodged conviction and moved to Southern Indiana.

What about the members of Indiana’s General Assembly who either held office thanks to, or were members of the KKK? They did not simply disappear. “The white sheets are gone.” Leibowitz, p. 223. That was written in 1964.

There are people who vow their “strong support for President” trump “and his re-election,” without a thought (apparently) to the racism and incompetence of his regime. On the morning of November 4,what will they do when they see the charred remains of the GOP?

The GOP began as a progressive party: first President Lincoln; instrumental in creation of National Parks; resisted over-engagement of our military; key in creation of the EPA. To survive the mists - and avoid Ed’s fate - it must reject racism, authoritarianism and trump.

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