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I cannot support that racist, incompetent bastard

On Twitter this morning, I said The Constitution requires impeachment and conviction for high crimes and misdemeanors (or not being of “good Behaviour”) before a sitting Justice on SCOTUS can be removed.

@vegix replied: “Confirmation despite wrongdoings does not excuse criminality. Especially when said confirmation was highly partisan.” I don’t excuse wrongdoing, but we have to follow The Constitution, or else years ago “Congress would've tossed progressive Justices.”

We need to be angry, but make sure our anger does some good. A minority has taken the WH, controls the Senate and thus has placed more nominees on SCOTUS. We can look at the “big picture” - and yes, next Tuesday is huge.

Also, realize two things: 1) all politics is local and 2) In a 2-party system, if you concede 1 party to forces of hatred, you’ve lost half the battle before it’s started. In 2010 the tea “party,” with the assistance of Koch money, bagged the GOP.

They won a lot of local offices. Gerrymandering is done by State legislatures. If one party fills enough local offices that party controls the State and, thus, the whole governmental structure. The tea “party” is a minority, but they had help, too.

First, they had $$$ from right wing interest groups. Second they had complacency by people who didn’t pay attention. And third: they had people like Jim Bopp, a Terre Haute, Indiana, lawyer who was trial counsel in the Citizens United case.

A few years before tea partiers showed up at public events in Revolutionary War costumes, Mr Bopp was re-writing the rules of the Indiana Republican Party. The GOP is a not-for-profit corporation that wants control - especially of its own organization.

The Democratic Party might seem chaotic, but this iteration of the GOP is vile. The Dems are like the Federation of Planets and the GOP is made up of Romulans. Democrats argue and yell at each other. In the GOP they eat worms and kill people.

I’m the precinct committee person (“PC”) in Washington Township, Marion County, Indiana, precinct 21-01. We can’t cede the GOP to the people who hijacked it beginning in about 1964. If, on November 4, 2020, we still have freedom of speech, we need to get to work.

If you’ve complained about one party being too right-wing and the other party trying to be right wing, while majority of people hold left-wing ideas, you shouldn’t fret. Don’t go to a “3rd party”: too many obstacles are in your way.

We - progressives - should take over the Republican Party. Tea “party” types did it back in 2010, and what they had on their side was fear, ignorance, and beliefs in weird conspiracies. We have courage, ideas, and progressive beliefs - such as the GOP advocated for decades.

If Democrats are afraid to move too “far” left for fear of alienating the racist base of what is the current iteration of the GOP - then we need to take over the GOP & take it back to its roots. We can be shareholders in a hostile takeover of that corporation.

And there’s an implication that, since I am a GOP PC, I am required to fully support the racist, incompetent bastard who is the current occupant of the Oval Office. I say to hell with that: I might be a Republican, but I still believe in decency and freedom of speech.

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