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I'm an elected GOP official - nobody replies?

This election is the most important that I can remember in my life. When I worked at the county fair in 1974, when I was home for the summer from DePauw, The two major political parties were equally concerned with getting people to vote.

Years later, at the polls in the mid-2000s, folks from both parties sought to ensure the most basic right in our country, the right to vote, was protected.

I am the elected precinct committee person in Washington Township, 21-01. I have called officials to determine what I can do to ensure that everyone - every person - who is eligible to vote and registered to vote, can do so in the coming general election.

After I spoke with you on the telephone on Saturday, I expected someone would call me, particularly given the proximity of the date of the election. I have received no reply. I ask that you either call me or e-mail me. You have my contact information. I am available for a call before 9:30 pm or after 5 am tomorrow.

The Republican Party was founded as a progressive party that opposed, and sought to abolish, slavery. This iteration of the Republican Party is not consistent with the GOP’s roots. I represent people who oppose the recent forces of oppression.

If you contact me with the information I request, I shall infer you not only seek to perform you responsibility, but you agree that the forces of oppression that trump represents need to be
excised from the GOP.
Mark Small.
You have my contacts.

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