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"Bully" & chaos but: un-American? & trump has no right to be arrogant.

Members of a focus group of “undecided voters” organized by Frank Luntz, described by Politico as a “veteran Republican pollster,” were asked to describe, in one word, last evening’s Presidential “debate.”

Their descriptives of Democratic Party nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden were damning: “compassion” and “coherent.” A few people bent the rules and went beyond one word: “better than expected” and “nice guy lacking vision.”

As for the Oval Office’s current occupant, a/k/a trump, the group’s vocabulary took a different tack: “unhinged,” “arrogant,” bully,” and “chaotic.” My favorite was “crackhead.” The most disturbing was “un-American.”

If the rancid nature of trump’s financial and tax records have not emanated to people’s brains, then those people are beyond hope. As much as the format used in Prez “debates” hardly leads to debate, last night any semblance of format was disregarded.

In fairness, trump appeared to be “unhinged” - “unsettled, disordered, or distraught,” Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed., 2001, p. 2070. In debate one is supposed to allow one’s opponent the opportunity to speak. trump didn’t like that.

According to Slate, trump interrupted the former VP 128 times - in a 90 minute debate. A “bully” is a “blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.” Webster’s, p. 276.

We’re taught bullies are bad. The Oval Office is a “bully pulpit” - to express views, not pummel others. Chaos is “a state of utter confusion or disorder.” Webster’s, p. 346. trump blew off the moderator and tossed the program. Didn’t trump knock “anarchy” recently?

An arrogant person makes “claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights.” Webster’s, p. 116. trump paid a guy to take SAT tests for admission to a decent school - Fordham. His financials show he is the worst business person in U.S. history. He has not right to arrogance.

Finally: “un-American,” probably the scariest term to apply to a U.S. President, but hey, he’s owned by Putin and too scared to criticize Russia’s bounties on U.S. military personnel. trump owes $400 mil to somebody; trump’s son says they borrow from Russian banks. Who knew?

Republican candidates who are “down ballot” - i.e., not running for Pres/VP - should be tossed aside if they cannot state that a man who encourages racist thugs to “stand by” needs to be removed from office.

Racists cannot run this country again. I’ve voted for far more Dems than I have GOP, but in 2020's GOP primary I won an office - precinct committee person - from which I can help protect voters’ rights in Marion County, Indiana. We have to start somewhere because after last night, I want to vomit.

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