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At tonight's debate: will trump pee into a cup?

Tonight former Vice President Joe Biden and the current occupant of the Oval Office (trump) will have the first of their Presidential debates. I’ve never cared for the format of these events because they really are not debates.

I was a debater in high school and in college. Dr. Weiss was our coach at DePauw. He instilled in us respect for reasoned discourse - what he called “rhetoric.” Later, after law school, I coached the IUPUI debate team for several years.

In college debate there is an emphasis on evidence to support one’s arguments. A round consists of two two-person teams, a judge and a time keeper. Formats varied (some competitions had cross-examination), but one thing did not: there are rules in debate.

Violation of a rule can results in loss of a round or being tossed from a tournament. Cardinal rules concerned validity of evidence (falsify & you’re dead), respect of time limits, and shutting up while the other side speaks.

In 2016, the ass who currently occupies the Oval Office typified why I cringe when I watch “Presidential” debates. trump asserted without proof and often lied; he thought little of talking over Secretary Clinton.

I hope fire is held to people’s feet - and stop with false equivalencies. trump is destroying our country as his negligent homicide (to be kind) causes tens of thousands of deaths. If trump wants the former Vice President to take a drug test, let trump take one, too.

Only - trump would have to take it NOW. Too many times he has promised to do things - like release those lovely tax returns - only to renege. His claim of legitimacy as a businessman has been debunked. So I think we should know about the drugs.

A question has been raised as to whether his appointments of judges has been legitimate. I argued, in filings with the the United States Supreme Court in 2017, that the 2016 election should be nullified since trump obtained office illegitimately.

Tonight I’ll watch the debate - if one can call it that - for a short while. I’ll either grill out or order a pizza from the Q’Anon Pizzeria in Georgetown - you know, where the deep state is said to run a pedophilia ring from the basement. (They don’t have a basement; & they don’t deliver to Indy).

Otherwise, I’d like someone to ask him to say something bad about Putin. I doubt that he would. If a dictator owns you, and the dictator is known to defenestrate those who displease him - well, that’s a question out the window.

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