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I guess SCOTUS nominees don't fret about DCS

If you are poor or on the lower side of middle-class, you probably know what “DCS” stands for: Department of Child Services. As Kin Hubbard once observed, it’s not against the law to be poor, but it might as well be.

Judge Coney Barrett attended trump’s Sept 26 announcement of her nomination for SCOTUS at an outdoor ceremony attended by > 150 people, “many of whom did not wear masks or practice social distancing,” - NBC.

Afterward, dozens gathered inside the White House's Diplomatic Reception Room & adjoining hallway for 30 to 45 minutes. CNN reported attendees did not wear masks, and pictures of the event show no social distancing.

NYTs' photog & a WH photog pictures show ppl talking very close together One pic shows Melania Trump, Barrett and her family including her little kids - posing shoulder to shoulder and directly behind Trump in the Oval Office.

D.C. Code §22-1102: A person who refuses or neglects to prevent the suffering and secure the safety of their child “shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor” Indiana: child neglect when person places the child in a situation that endangers child's life or health. I.C. §35-36-1-4(1).

D.C. failure to report neglect is a crime: “Any person required to make a report ... who willfully fails to make such a report shall be fined ... imprisoned not more than 180 days, or both. ...” §4-1321.07. Mandatory reporters include law enforcement officers and physicians.

This iteration of the GOP brazenly disregards the law. They sandbagged Pres Obama’s SCOTUS nominee for a year saying the next Pres should name that justice. They didn’t cite any “rule” for that. Then Justice Bader Ginsburg passed away with under two months to the election.

Rules are supposed to be consistent and not “ad hoc,” but that’s where we are. The GOP is shoving this nominee through as trump openly says that’s because if there is a dispute over the November 3 election, he wants one more vote on the Court.

Those little kids didn’t wear masks and they were in a super-spreader event in the White House. Why isn’t DCS doing anything? That family resides in Indiana. If the family was poor there’d be a 310 or 311 form filed and as well as motions for leave to file ChINS petitions.

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