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Crucial differences betw trump & der Fuehrer

People are too quick to compare (unfairly) the current occupant of the Oval Office (a/k/a trump) to Adolf Hitler. There are significant differences. To correct erroneous beliefs held by some, here is a repeat of points made several months ago.

1) Hitler wrote a book that became a bestseller - trump had to employ a ghost writer; 2) Hitler was “in the black” - i.e., financially successful (from book sales) - when he took office - trump (as we now know) was hundreds of millions of $$$ in debt.

3) Hitler did not dodge the draft, but enlisted to fight in World War I, although there is no record to indicate whether Hitler had bone spurs; 4) Hitler had only one testicle (& trump, in Putin’s presence, acts as if he has none).

5) Hitler was elected w/a plurality in 1933 - trump lost the popular vote; and 6) Hitler was convicted of treason and sentenced to prison - trump has no convictions, at least not yet. I wish everyone a nice weekend!

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