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Two towers - one red and one blue - rise to the sky and rule the land. Built by the same hands and of the same immutable substance, the towers are impregnable. No more than two towers may stand. No other structure is allowed to utilize those same hands or that same substance.

The rulers occupy the top floors of both towers and assure all the people that, if a group of them joins together, they can build their own tower, from the ground up, and thus have one of the two towers. This, of course, is a lie.

Without that immutable substance, no matter the skill of the builders, given the geology of the terrain, any competing tower is doomed to rise any more than three or four stories - as those silly enough to try have learned.

No “third” tower could be built because the effort is too great and, if an effort even hints at success, the rulers in the top flowers of the two towers join together and stop any insurgents by whatever necessary means. But that’s okay: there’s no need for a third tower.

The rulers never betray one of their own, have the good of the people at heart, but rulers do not anticipate groups bent on control of the red tower. Those groups move into the first floors, then up. Those on the top floors who complain are defenestrated or given side offices and faux authority.

In this story, the towers are the two “major” political parties. The immutable substance is comprised of articles of incorporation of the parties and favorable statutes enacted by State legislatures.

The two “major” political parties built these structures. They enacted laws that freeze, in their hands, the power of a two-party system. Unless, after November 4, we move into the lower floors of that red tower and regain control of it, resistance is blunted: control of half of the system will remain in the hands of those who seek power for its own sake.

This past Sunday “Doonesbury” depicted trump with bloody hands. The evil trump embodies must be fought - but as much within the red tower as outside of it. To fight this evil we must take over the GOP, as the so-called tea party movement did 2005-2010.

In its articles of incorporation, the GOP has no official philosophy. After November 4, we must move into the bottom floors, evict those upstairs, and take back the GOP - a not-for-profit corporation - as hostile shareholders.

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