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I don't think the GOP likes me in their punch bowl

I have yet to receive a reply to an e-mail I sent, on Wednesday, September 30, to the Marion County Republican Party (“Mar Co GOP”). For that matter I have received no communications from Mar Co GOP except a couple of texts in reply to a phone VM I left.

My victorious campaign for precinct committee person on June 2 was hard-fought and, when the dust settled, I was the winner. Well, I was the only candidate for the position, but we need to wrest control of the GOP from idiots.

If we look at the GOP as a weapon and realize white supremacists have control of that weapon, we either can meet them, metaphorically, with another weapon - i.e., political party - or we can work within the system to take the weapon away from them.

I have reason to believe party leaders do not like me. I was given no notice of the caucus of county GOP precinct people a couple of weeks after the election. I’m sure they overlooked my name on whatever lists they have.

I showed up, wearing a GOP t-shirt: “Romney for President 2020.” I don’t particularly like Romney, but my friend Paul Ogden suggested that people at the meeting would understand a message it conveyed. I guess they don’t like me in their punch bowl.

Their latest snub has me worried, however. My Sept 30 e-mail was polite and straightforward:
“I am precinct committee person in Washington Township, 21-01. I would appreciate someone advising me where I can get information on what and where I do things for the election. I would like to get as many people who are eligible to vote to the polls, as I am sure the Party wants to do as well. If someone could contact me, I'd appreciate it.” I gave my name and office phone number.

All my life people have cajoled those who seek change to “work within the system.” I want to vomit given that a Russian asset occupies the Oval Office and freedom and democracy mean little to despots.

I’m doing what I can - working within the system. I’d like to do more, like - whatever my official duties are, especially in regard to the election. No one from the GOP here has let me know and the GOP rule book is no help.

Maybe - just maybe - that’s what this iteration of the GOP is about, discouraging people from exercising their rights. If so, they might want to get used to the flavor of the beverage in that punch bowl because we want the bowl back.

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