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January 2022 Blog Posts (40)

More on Micah Beckwith's conversations & my discussion with Rev Dr Sid Hall about the "God" of the right wing

The last couple of days I’ve blogged about Micah Beckwith’s conversations. God, it seems, has a dialogue with Beckwith and has confided “I sent those riots [meaning Jan 6] to Washington” and “What you saw yesterday [Jan 6] was my hand at work.” 1/5

Beckwith quotes from these talks, so it’s not Beckwith’s “inspiration” and description. Auditory hallucinations have many causes. Then again, if there is a realm of such beings, it is possible the source of the voice Beckwith hears is the…


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More on Micah Beckwith's talks with God

More on Rev Micah Beckwith’s talks w/his supreme deity should be noted. Beckwith posted a video, on FB, in which he quotes from a Jan 7, 2021, conversation he says he had. God, as quoted by Beckwith said: “I sent those riots to Washington.” 1/5

But wait! God also told Beckwith: “What you saw yesterday was my hand at work.” This should trouble us. From video of Jan 6, documents obtained by the House committee, interviews of & internet comments by insurrectionists, and Court…


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Micah Beckwith's talks with the divine

Quotes must be accurate. Micah Beckwith, who was a candidate in the 2020 GOP primary for INCD5, has claimed he has spoken with “the Lord” on various matters. Beckwith, the day after the Jan 6 insurrection, reported in a Facebook post another such talk. 1/7

God sayeth to Beckwith: “I sent those riots to Washington.” Riot: “unlawful assembly that has begun to fulfill its common purpose of breaching the peace and terrorizing the public.” Black’s Law Dict., pocket ed., 1996, p. 554. God…


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Micah Beckwith's deity is incompetent

Rev Micah Beckwith has given his supreme deity a bad rap again. Beckwith, who ran in the GOP primary for INCD5 in 2020, says his god claims to have sent the insurrectionists to The Capitol on Jan 6, 2021. But any competent supreme deity should have pulled it off. 1/4

We can infer attributes of the types of ppl Beckwith’s supreme deity favors from 1) Video of Jan 6; 2) Interviews of & internet comments by insurrectionists; 3) Documents obtained by the House Committee on Jan 6th;…


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Avoid today's right-wing super spreader event

Today, Jan 29 at 2 pm speakers will address a gathering at a mega-church on Indy’s northeast side. Topic: “SEL in Schools + Medical Freedom in Courts and Medicine.” SEL is “Social Emotional Learning,” & a current topic for right wing fear mongering. 1/5

People will hear why it is okay, and their right, not to wear a mask. One may reasonably infer masks will be few among attendees. The speakers & the topic(s) are important to know about. James Bopp, Jr., is a Terre Haute… Continue

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GOP Chair Hupfer's email about SCOTUS nominees ignores history

At the end of an email that discusses Justice Breyer’s retirement, Indiana State GOP chair Kyle Hupfer invited the recipient to “share it with a friend.” Hupfer derides President Biden as “likely nominate a candidate much more liberal than Justice Breyer.” 1/8

Mr Hupfer refers to Sen Mike Braun (R-IN) to say Pres Biden “should put forward a dedicated constitutionalist who respects the rule of law and our nation's system of checks and balances”; & quotes Sen Todd Young (R-IN) on…


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SEL's empathy addresses teenagers' depression vs evangelicals' intolerance of tolerance

SEL, Social Emotional Learning: children/adults acquire/apply knowl & skills 2 understand & manage emotions, set/achieve + goals, feel/show empathy, make/maintain + relationships & responsible decisions. (Website: Social and Emotional Learning Alliance for Indiana.) 1/7

Evangelicals, a minority (31%, Pew Center) in Indiana, want to control us. They oppose SEL & have an “event” scheduled on Saturday, Jan. 29, on “SEL in Schools + Medical Freedom in Courts and Medicine.”…


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Censorship does not improve education

trumpist U.S. Rep. Cawthorn (R-NC) hired Terre Haute attorney James Bopp, Jr., in a challenge, brought by several NC lawyers, to Cawthorn’s candidacy for re-election. The challenge is based on The Constitution: No person shall hold office “having previously taken an oath... 1/6

to support the Constitution” who engages “in insurrection or rebellion...” Mr Bopp is scheduled to speak at a gathering in Indy on Jan. 29. Topic: “SEL in Schools + Medical Freedom in Courts and Medicine.” SEL…


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Citizens United/Rep Cawthorn attorney to speak about freedom

U.S. Rep. Cawthorn (R-NC), a trumpist, faces a challenge to his candidacy for re-election. The Fourteenth Amendment, sec. 3, provides no person shall hold office “having previously taken an support the Constitution” who engages “in insurrection or rebellion...” 1/5

Lawyers in North Carolina have brought an action to block Cawthorn’s inclusion on the ballot due to Cawthorn's support of the Jan 6 insurrection. A lawyer from Indiana represents Rep Cawthorn. James Bopp, Jr.,…


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IQ & evangelicals don't mix.

Comment by Micah Beckwith to a post on FB page for “Mouthwash” got to me. John Schmitz posted a chart & sd: East Chicago, S Bend, Indy all have avg BELOW 10% proficiency in English Language Arts and Math. All Democrat controlled cities. 1/8

Beckwith’s reply: When you flood our schools w/Leftist, woke ideological crap, this is result. Our kids can’t do Math & English to save their lives but they all know why it’s ok to choose the bathroom of your preferred gender & that BLM…


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MAGA populism: do what we want or we'll kill you

Chris Hayes asked this evening: when we have we seen this before? Speakers from the Anti-vax rally of Jan 23 threatened actions media and scientists. Anger of MAGA ppl played out in the Jan 6, 2021, violence at The Capitol. Mob anger and violence have long history here. 1/5

Shays’s Rebellion, the KKK in Indiana in the 1920s, MAGA & other movements gave voice to anger. To compare trump’s supporters to Nazis, in part, is inaccurate because some of those supporters wear regalia of…


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McConnell must be reminded "Black lives matter"!

Senator McConnell reminded us this week that to say “All lives matter” is a farce and that “Black lives matter!” must be stated, and repeated. Sen McConnell, in defending the Senate’s blocking of voting rights legislation wanted to cite “facts.” 1/4

McConnell said “if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans." This is hardly an innocent slip of the tongue. McConnell has proudly posed in the past, standing, with a smile,…


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MAGA could try to weaponize the jury

MAGA ppl can weaponize the jury system in defense of the insurrection that occurred on January 6. I hope this only is a figment of my imagination, that the very people who seek to hijack our system would use one of the basic elements of the system to bastardize it. 1/7

One might presume that MAGA ppl are active in social media. After all, many of the people who stormed (MAGA ppl like variations of der “storm”) the Capitol have been tracked down, charged and pleaded guilty as a result…


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Jan 18 Show: Jury nullification talk w/Ross Thomas

Tonight at 7 on the "Mouthwash" channel on FB, my guest will be attorney Ross Thomas. We shall discuss jury nullification and possible impact of that doctrine on trials that might result from the January 6 insurrection at The Capitol. 1/3

Ross Thomas is an attorney with offices in Indianapolis. His practice is focused on major felony criminal defense in state and federal courts throughout the state. He received a bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from Tulane University in 1992.…


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Early 1968 Dr King's disapproval rating was 75% & much of it's still around

Before too many white ppl (1) congratulate ea other for progress against racism (2) in re Dr King’s birthday, we need to do something too few Americans want to do. We need to remember history. A Harris poll in early 1968 showed Dr King’s disapproval rating at near 75%. 1/4

Dr King won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize for work against racial inequality through nonviolent resistance. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act became law by way of the work of Dr King, and many others, just…


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My feline family

The story of my feline family. In 1991 I was not a cat person, but 2 cats became my family. After years, the family expanded by adoption. On avg, because they lived indoors they lived to 17, but still passed. Alley Oop (cancer 2016), Irish (heart failure 2017) & Bear (old age 2018). 1/6

Little Bit died in my arms at age 21, leaving Delilah, always shy but suddenly gutsy & assertive. I wanted to start a new family, but thought new cats would boss around Delilah. When Delilah…


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Jury nullification & prosecution of trump

Possibility: trump is indicted in U.S. District Court, for the Southern District of New York for tax evasion. During voir dire (jury selection) each eventual juror testifies to having an open mind & no pre-conceived notion of guilt or innocence. The evidence of guilt is slam-dunk... 1/7

After closing arguments, the jury deliberates for two weeks. Finally the court declares a mistrial because one juror held out and voted “not guilty.” “Jury nullification” is a concept: juror(s)… Continue

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So what if insurrectionists are indicted? Jury nullification

After indictments are handed down, those who sought, on January 6, to overthrow the elected government of the United States, have backup plans. One that should be mentioned is the jury system. For years people on the far right have sown seeds. 1/4

Jury nullification: a concept that, regardless of Court’s instructions or evidence presented, jury deliberations almost are sacrosanct. As a general rule a jury’s verdict can be impeached only for outside influences (people communication…


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Niederberger: 1st GOP Islamic candidate in Indiana?:

Danny Niederberger, primary challenger to incumbent Sen. Todd Young in the GOP, finished 11th in 2020's GOP primary for INCD5. His current website is light on content but one thing about neo-fascism is its simplicity of views seldom changes. 1/8

On 10/8/19 Danny was asked “Do you believe the electoral college should be abolished?” His answer gives insight into his lack of knowledge of The Constitution: “Absolutely not. The Electoral College is essential in the foundation of the United…


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COVID hits home

COVID has hit the USA hard w/over 800K dead & economic devastation for many. We have a federal gov’t (finally) trying to do things that should have been done at the beginning, except the Supreme Court stepped in and ... I’ll address that in a later blog. 1/4

COVID hit home for me when I self-quarantined, but tested negative. COVID hit home harder today when knee surgery got bumped because of the surge at hospitals. I am in pain. There probably are people w/circumstances worse than…


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