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The story of my feline family. In 1991 I was not a cat person, but 2 cats became my family. After years, the family expanded by adoption. On avg, because they lived indoors they lived to 17, but still passed. Alley Oop (cancer 2016), Irish (heart failure 2017) & Bear (old age 2018). 1/6

Little Bit died in my arms at age 21, leaving Delilah, always shy but suddenly gutsy & assertive. I wanted to start a new family, but thought new cats would boss around Delilah. When Delilah passed in June 2021, I was devastated, but help was near. 2/6

Friends of mine are servers at a local pub. A (marvelous) couple explained they were dog people, but a stray cat (Pickles) delivered a litter of 4 kittens in their garage & they wanted to place the kittens, in one home, if possible, although one had been promised to a seniors’ home. 3/6

The couple didn’t believe that my friends’ lawyer friend (me) really would take in all 3. I wanted 4 kittens. I’d cared for as many as 8 adult cats at one time. I passed an informal vetting. Near the end of July I welcome my three new family members. Each could fit in my hand. 4/6

I never had named a pet. The last time I’d adopted kittens had been in the last “big” year for cicadas. 2021 was the 17th year in that cycle. Cade, Cheech and Tib are named after syllables (maybe bastardized) of Latin names for cicadas. They seem to like their offbeat names. 5/6

That’s the story of my family. The energy level of kittens is amazing & I’d forgotten. Their intact claws will not be removed. They have been, currently are & will continue to be spoiled. So that is the story of my family & they’ll live, on avg, to 17. I’ll be 83. 6/6

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