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MAGA ppl can weaponize the jury system in defense of the insurrection that occurred on January 6. I hope this only is a figment of my imagination, that the very people who seek to hijack our system would use one of the basic elements of the system to bastardize it. 1/7

One might presume that MAGA ppl are active in social media. After all, many of the people who stormed (MAGA ppl like variations of der “storm”) the Capitol have been tracked down, charged and pleaded guilty as a result of imprudent posts on various platforms. 2/7

An adulterer caught by a bad post on Facebook can experience a world of hurt. These defendants, and defendants to come, face prison time, and nearly their last line of defense is the jury. Legal teams for various prosecutions no doubt are compiling e-files for jury selection. 3/7

The problem arises in the various categories, some of which overlap MAGA, of ppl who eschew the internet. In voir dire, prospective jurors are examined, under oath, to determine their biases. A person who is not “under the radar” but completely off the internet is tabula rasa. 4/7

Ppl of the far right love “jury nullification,” where a jury disregards a court’s instructions & votes “not guilty.” There could be one juror of 12 who could force a retrial after a jury is “hung.” But if 4 or 5 MAGA ppl are in a closed room, can 8 or 7 withstand such an onslaught? 5/7

There have been gen’l calls 4 ppl 2 disregard instructions if they R called for jury duty. What if media personalities issue a general call to metaphorical arms for any jury trial related to Jan 6? Prosecutors should contemplate how to determine whether such a juror’s bias. 6/7

They are trying to take over this country. They entered The Capitol with confederate regalia. The outlier of some dumbass cousin who doesn’t believe in the internet is not inconceivable. After all, the jury system has been weaponized against minorities for generations. 7/7

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