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MAGA populism: do what we want or we'll kill you

Chris Hayes asked this evening: when we have we seen this before? Speakers from the Anti-vax rally of Jan 23 threatened actions media and scientists. Anger of MAGA ppl played out in the Jan 6, 2021, violence at The Capitol. Mob anger and violence have long history here. 1/5

Shays’s Rebellion, the KKK in Indiana in the 1920s, MAGA & other movements gave voice to anger. To compare trump’s supporters to Nazis, in part, is inaccurate because some of those supporters wear regalia of the 3rd Reich. Today’s anger is familiar. 2/5

Mob violence is important to populism. MAGA ppl are bummed out as they were robbed of jobs in factories & a middle class life. And we “lost” in Vietnam. This violence, like “all politics,” is now local. School board members are threatened. 3/5

National stats for economic equality, and a lot of other metrics, nose-dive from Jan 20, 1981. We now have people ill-equipped (i.e., not well-educated) wanting to dictate what children are taught in public schools. If they don’t get their way, they’ll resort to violence. 4/5

As Isaac Asimov wrote, violence is the last resort of the incompetent. To answer the question posed by Chris Hayes, we have seen this throughout our Nation’s history. At 7 pm on Jan 25 on Civil Discourse now we shall discuss these matters. 5/5

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