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Comment by Micah Beckwith to a post on FB page for “Mouthwash” got to me. John Schmitz posted a chart & sd: East Chicago, S Bend, Indy all have avg BELOW 10% proficiency in English Language Arts and Math. All Democrat controlled cities. 1/8

Beckwith’s reply: When you flood our schools w/Leftist, woke ideological crap, this is result. Our kids can’t do Math & English to save their lives but they all know why it’s ok to choose the bathroom of your preferred gender & that BLM is a noble organization. 2/8

I have to say: 1) A lot of factors at play in stats John cited, but question: how do Demo mayors cause low scores? 2) Are ISTEP scores real measures of kids’ abilities? 3) But wait, here is an important aspect and it has to do w/intelligence and progressive views. 3/8

Meta-analysis of 63 studies: significant NEGATIVE ass’n betw intelligence & religiosity; & stronger 4 college students & gen’l pop’n than 4 younger than college age; & stronger 4 religious beliefs than religious behavior. 17 Pers Soc Psych Rev 325-54 (Nov 2013). 4/8

I’ll interpret 4 Micah: ppl who identify as fundamentalist/evangelical/strict religious aren’t as smart. 3 possible interpretations listed in Abstract. 1) Intelligent ppl less likely to conform thus > likely 2 resist religious dogma. 2) Intelligent ppl tend 2 adopt analytic... 5/8

(vs intuitive) thinking style, that undermines religious beliefs. 3) Several functions of religiosity, incl compensatory control, self-regulation, self-enhancement & secure attachment, R also conferred by intelligence. Intelligent ppl have < need 4 religious beliefs and practices.” 6/8

There’s a reason the dumbing down of America went foot-in-glove w/the emergence of right wing religion. They have symbiotic relationship. It’s no surprise Micah sees critical thought processes as “ideological crap.” 7/8

I suggest that the next time Micah is tooling around in his car talking to “god” that he listen very carefully. I spoke w/her this morning & she’s getting pretty pissed off at Micah & his ilk. Tonight on Civil Discourse Now we’ll talk religion, education & censorship. 7 pm. 8/8

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Comment by pogden297 on January 25, 2022 at 12:04pm

Micah's argument is beyond absurd.  Mayors in Indiana have no say in how schools are run so how are mayors controlling the curricula?  Indianapolis not that long ago had a Republican mayor.  Did the kids at IPS and the other Marion County schools have better scores then?  Of course not.  Micah is confusing association with causation.  Most men who are divorced have thinning hair.  So then divorce must cause men to lose their hair!   Brilliant!

People like Micah undoubtedly know that an argument like this is disingenuous, but they just don't care.  Either that or they're just not very bright.  As a conservative, I'm sick of the intellectual dishonesty and plain ignorance from my side of the political aisle.


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