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Citizens United/Rep Cawthorn attorney to speak about freedom

U.S. Rep. Cawthorn (R-NC), a trumpist, faces a challenge to his candidacy for re-election. The Fourteenth Amendment, sec. 3, provides no person shall hold office “having previously taken an support the Constitution” who engages “in insurrection or rebellion...” 1/5

Lawyers in North Carolina have brought an action to block Cawthorn’s inclusion on the ballot due to Cawthorn's support of the Jan 6 insurrection. A lawyer from Indiana represents Rep Cawthorn. James Bopp, Jr., Terre Haute, was a lawyer in the Citizens United case that was pivotal in gutting campaign finance laws. 2/5

Mr Bopp is scheduled to speak in Indianapolis on “SEL in Schools + Medical Freedom in Courts and Medicine.” SEL is “Social Emotional Learning.” Joining Mr Bopp is Tony Kinnett, an IPS STEM teacher dismissed for criticism of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”). 3/5

The other speaker will be Dr Dan Stock.who has garnered attention for his claims about COVID and government efforts to combat it. I considered going to hear how kids’ emotional awareness or banning teaching of history that makes students “uncomfortable” advance freedom. 4/5

There are other things about which I am curious, but realized such a gathering is not one that favors curiosity - or the truth. I also realized I value my health. I do not want to attend a “super spreader” event. That is why I didn’t list the time or location of the event. 5/5

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