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COVID has hit the USA hard w/over 800K dead & economic devastation for many. We have a federal gov’t (finally) trying to do things that should have been done at the beginning, except the Supreme Court stepped in and ... I’ll address that in a later blog. 1/4

COVID hit home for me when I self-quarantined, but tested negative. COVID hit home harder today when knee surgery got bumped because of the surge at hospitals. I am in pain. There probably are people w/circumstances worse than mine. This all is a result of ignorance of antipathy toward science. 2/4

If numbers don’t indicate the obvious, the growing number of dead anti-vax advocates is stark, and easy for smug satisfaction. We can’t have that attitude for 2 reasons. 1) Hatefulness gins up people who oppose science & is what got us here. I’m a Hoosier & seen it all my life. 3/4

Some people hold a grudge against science and knowledge. When President Obama was elected a racist element became more prominent. To be hateful back only perpetuates the hate. 2) We’re better than that. People need to get vaccinated. 4/4

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