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Niederberger: 1st GOP Islamic candidate in Indiana?:

Danny Niederberger, primary challenger to incumbent Sen. Todd Young in the GOP, finished 11th in 2020's GOP primary for INCD5. His current website is light on content but one thing about neo-fascism is its simplicity of views seldom changes. 1/8

On 10/8/19 Danny was asked “Do you believe the electoral college should be abolished?” His answer gives insight into his lack of knowledge of The Constitution: “Absolutely not. The Electoral College is essential in the foundation of the United States.... 2/8

... a republic, not a democracy... [i]n a republic [] the citizens elect representatives who in turn vote on legislation. In a pure democracy, 51% of the population can overrule the other 49%.” The E.C. ensures every part of the U.S. “including the flyover states, has a voice.” 3/8

1) Danny: Republics use democratic principles. “It is a fundamental idea in all republican forms of government that no one can be declared elected” unless he “receives a majority or a plurality of the legal votes cast in the election." Oviatt v. Behme, 238 Ind. 69, 78 (1958). 4/8

2) At no time did The Framers believe that a minority SHOULD choose the President. Hamilton wrote in Federalist 68 that electors were to prevent someone with talents “for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” to become President. 5/8

3) Part of the problem is after 1824, States went to winner-take-all. In 1788, 5 States’ legislatures appointed their electors. NY missed the deadline. RI & NC didn’t participate: they hadn’t ratified the Constitution. MD & VA: electors selected by popular vote, district-by-district. 6/8

PA & NH chose their electors by statewide popular vote. MA chose its electors by popular vote district-by-district & legislature appointed two electors at-large. Only after 1824 was the move to winner-take-all. Never was an argument advanced that the minority should win. 7/8

Danny should study The Constitution & its history. One point is interesting. In his 2020 campaign he put forth his “Five Pillars.” If he has derived this concept from his faith, then Danny would be unique as an Islamic GOP candidate. 8/8

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