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April 2023 Blog Posts (16)

Sorry but I have to give a shout-out to those who foster gun violence!

I congratulate Guy Relford, host of “The Gun Guy” (spiffy play on words) on WIBC, where he advocates a culture of concealed-carry & a 2nd Amendment the 1st Congress never intended. For every mass shooting in the U.S., Mr Relford should feel good. 5 more are dead in Texas. 1/5

Laughs & chuckles abound on his show & in ads for gun shows, like the pooka (seven-foot-tall imaginary rabbit) from the movie “Harvey” getting shot & a one-liner about the Brady Bill (named for…


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Military mind sets are not good for municipal government

Tuesday, May 2, are primary elections. Indy voters can request a Democratic or Republican party ballot. I’m a candidate in the GOP primary for City-County Council District 2. Matt Hills is my opponent, but his mailers omit mention of party, unlike Brienne Delaney, also running for 1/5

District 2, who clearly notes her Democratic Party affiliation. District 2 is extremely “blue,” i.e., Democratic. Perhaps Mr Hills believes it better to mislead progressives so that in the general…


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In a country awash w/war surplus available for cops, what tech don't they have?

Tuesday May 2: primary elections! Armed idiots at polling places have been used to scare ppl away from voting. Prior to the May, 1925, primary, the Chief of the Indianapolis P.D. issued orders to keep members of the Horse Thief Detective Ass’n from all public polling places. 1/6

The association was the KKK’s “enforcement,” sought to intimidate voters who were hostile to the Klan & members drove through black neighborhoods & displayed their guns as a warning for blacks “to stay…


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Abortion's legality, drop in violent crime rates & City-County Council

At the foundation of our government are lies and contradictions. My opponent in next Tuesday’s GOP primary repeated one of those lies. MAGA people validate Santayana’s warning that those who fail to study history are condemned to repeat6 it. The 1/6

Constitution of the “Land of the Free” protected slavery. Now, by total number and %, we incarcerate more people than any nation. In 1991 rates of violent crime in the USA were cut in half. Neither women’s reproductive rights nor USA’s…


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City-County Council District 2: Matt Hills would have our police act as an occupying army

Matt Hills, my opponent in the GOP primary next Tuesday for City-County Council District 2, has said keeping our neighborhoods safe is his “number one priority.” Unfortunately suggestions he makes in pursuit of that goal are platitudes that originate in the Land of Failed Policies.” 1/5

Example: “Invest in technology to better fight crime and keep our officers safe.” This approach pits the police against ... citizens. Hills has experience as an officer in the Army. Strategies of an…


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Suspended for a year yet the justice who denied an extension lacks the integrity to be on The Court

“What does Russia have to do with the suspension of your law license?” a friend asked after she read my last 2 blogs/tweets. In 2017 I represented Clients in Blumstein, et al v Pence, et al, 16-907, and Bailey et al. v. United States, 16-1464, & challenged validity of the 2016 election, 1/9

in part, on violation of the Invasion Clause of the Constitution, Art. IV, sec. 4: The United States shall protect each of the States against “Invasion.” Allegations we raised have not been…


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Scriveners errors & hyper technicalities

6/6/2022 Caller ID sd Indiana’s PD #. who for years had appointed me to appeals. My cheerful Hi! was met w/ ... very ... slowly ... asked ... questions. Her tone & pace + reference to Russia’s invasion of the USA as grounds I’d cited for an extension, threw me off. Then the clacking 1/7

of her fingers on a computer keyboard came through. I quickly denied those were the grounds I’d cited for an extension and ended the call. I pulled up the emergency motion I’d filed. Nowhere is…


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Order of Suspension from Indiana's Supreme Court ... say what?

“A lawyer shall not make a statement [ ] the lawyer knows to be false or w/reckless disregard as to its” truth/falsity concerning qual’ns/integrity “of a judge.” Rule Prof Conduct 8.2. IN lawyers’ speech, especially about judges, is protected by fed & State constitutions, because: 1/6

to express honest/candid opinions re judges helps to improve admin of justice. (Comment RPC 8.2.) Hoosier lawyers’ speech may be chilled, but law licenses are safe if lawyers make no statements about…


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Last weekend GOP people were caught up in religious fervor...

Last weekend, internet posts from various Republican officials might have been mistaken as messages for posts by the more extreme strains of evangelical Christianity. People at the fore of this iteration of the GOP seem intent upon taking this State & this country into theocracy. 1/5

The Framers of The Constitution never intended a theocracy. In the 234 years since The Constitution was ratified, beliefs about religion and in specific religions gained protection. That’s why I would…


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Not Coming soon: trump condoms

My response to photo of trump/woman: “Does Prep work for exposure to trump? And this isn't a matter of saying to her: ‘You could get an STD.’ She might expose others. And: trump doesn't use condoms or else he'd have marketed his own brand.” Brand? Possibly trump who 1/7

started undergrad at Fordham, 1964, just post-Pill, definitely pre-Roe & very pre-AIDS, hasn’t a clue what a condom is. In upper-middle-class sets like trump’s, bc was (& often still is) woman’s responsibility.…


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Gun makers don't want to see red ... ink. Any other red's okay

One reasonable restriction on guns is to limit the number of firearms one person may own. If a person has too many guns to keep track of or use, that would mean “bad people” can more easily get a gun. But gun manufacturers need markets in which to sell their gadgets of death. 1/5

Guns are durable & can last 100 years or more. Harvard public health researcher Deborah Azrael, who surveyed gun owners in 2016, says the annual attrition rate of guns in the about 1%. Gun makers…


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The NRA Convention here Apr 14-16. We shouldn't have them here

NRA’s annual fete is in Indy 4/14-4/16/23. U.S. civilians hold an average of 120.5 guns/100 ppl, “the highest rate in the world by a factor of more than two.” U.S. News & WR, 1/20/23. We are the only country w/more civilian-held guns than citizens. Guns did not make us free. 1/6

After mass shootings, ppl “for” gun control (as favored by GOP Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and II) are told stfu, that guns won “us” freedom fr England & that we should thank guns & the…


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Learning to walk again after a diagnosis then different neurologists

I wouldn’t let MS “beat” me. I was pro-active: walks got longer, fr half-an-hour each morning to well over an hour. Dr. Guru seemed mildly amused by my efforts at exercise. But during one of my appointments, he said a study by French researchers indicated exercise helps to fight MS. 1/8

Over several years I went from walking about half-an-hour each morning to over an hour. The Indianapolis 500 Festival has a half-marathon called The Mini Marathon, at the beginning of each May. A lot…


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And now a short break to consider misdiagnoses of life-altering conditions

June, 2015, on the morning of my birthday, I had an apptmt w/a neurologist at IU North. A too-long drive was one of several reasons I decided to switch neurologists. My reality has been shaped, significantly, since January, 1994, when I was diagnosed w/multiple sclerosis. 1/8

1994: By 2nd of what became 9 days in the hospital, I was paralyzed waist down. Neurologist who diagnosed had: (1) results of 4 MRIs & an LP (lumbar puncture or spinal tap); (2) labs fr numerous vials of…


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Fraud in 2016 election delivered a far-right SCOTUS we can't afford

A far right-wing minority in the USA should not be allowed to keep the benefits from trump’s fraudulent grab of the Oval Office in 2016. A few investors in Carlo Ponzi’s scheme in the early 1920s learned that even those acting in good faith don’t get to keep such profits. In 1976, 1/6

a U.S. District Court held ordering a new Pres election is not beyond equity jurisdiction of the federal courts. Protecting the integrity of elections, esp Presidential contests, is essential to a free…


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Fraud renders the 2016 POTUS election, and all that flowed from it, VOID.

On 9/23/17, in this blog, I described cases in which I represented people who sought to have the 2016 Presidential election declared void. A U.S. District Court held that action it is within the equitable jurisdiction of the court. Donohue v Bd of Electors, 435 F.Supp 957 (E.D. 1976).

Ordering a new Pres election is not beyond equity jurisdiction of the federal courts. “Protecting the integrity of elections - particularly Presidential contests - is essential to a free and democratic…


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