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Abortion's legality, drop in violent crime rates & City-County Council

At the foundation of our government are lies and contradictions. My opponent in next Tuesday’s GOP primary repeated one of those lies. MAGA people validate Santayana’s warning that those who fail to study history are condemned to repeat6 it. The 1/6

Constitution of the “Land of the Free” protected slavery. Now, by total number and %, we incarcerate more people than any nation. In 1991 rates of violent crime in the USA were cut in half. Neither women’s reproductive rights nor USA’s military budgets are the direct 2/6

of the City-County Council, but the former is tied to crime & the door to the latter was opened by my opponent, Matt Hills. At a candidates’ forum a few weeks ago he said he’s proud to have served 10 yrs in the greatest military of the greatest country in history. 3/6

Problem: people in other countries hate us because we frequently use our military and often for corporations’ profits. This country only approached greatness after Brown I. Then came Reagan and greatness drifted away like Wilson from Tom Hanks in 4/6

“Castaway.” Slavery still impacts our economy. Millions, freed in 1865, had to fight for basic rights. As to crime: fr 1991 to 2014, violent & property crime rates fell 50%. Donohue & Levitt (2001). Males age 18, esp fr poor homes, commit disproportionate % of viol crimes. 5/6

Overturning Roe will increase violent crime rates. A majority of Hoosiers favor Roe as the law of the land. I’m pro-choice. Is Mr Hills? I’m also pro-civil rts, anti-gun, anti-TIF, & a GOP candidate for City-County Council District 2. I approve of this message. Hell, I wrote it. 6/6

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