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September 2022 Blog Posts (20)

Why couldn't the right-wing "gauge" for me be all the way to the left?

I received an email from “American Family Association of Indiana PAC, Indiana Family Action, FRC Action, Tea Party Patriots, and iVoterGuide” & their plan to release, on Oct 3, their Indiana voter guide for the 11/8/22 election. They asked for corrections by noon on 10/3. 1/3

I replied: “Your ‘gauge’ for my beliefs still has a space on the left. The ‘White, Christo-fascists’ ‘trying to take over this country, and through violence if they deem it necessary’ to which I refer include…


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Get trains to run on time? Marion County's GOP can't even get its candidates correct

After a few days one would think the Marion County GOP would correct its website & accurately name & depict photos of its nominees on the November 8 ballot. As a pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-environment, pro-voting rts (a/k/a pre-MAGA) Republican, I didn’t expect a lot of love. 1/4

The GOP lost Marion County yrs ago & currently hold no county-wide office. The only GOP person elected in this part of Marion County to anything is sitting in my living room & I don’t mean any…


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Racism always has been an issue

The 14th Amendment was a result of slavery. Section 1 provides: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the States wherein they reside...” People may today wonder why that clause is needed. 1/5

In 1856 SCOTUS held: “A free negro of the African race, whose ancestors were brought to this country and sold as slaves, is not a ‘citizen’ within the meaning of the Constitution of the United…


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Marion County GOP has someone else's photo & name as nominee for 86

As the only pro-choice, pro-environment, pro-sep’n of church/State, pro-voting rts, anti-MAGA GOP nominee (meaning I won the primary) for ... well, any elective race, I neither sought nor expected GOP money or support. Indiana’s GOP still refers to trump as president. 1/5

Marion County’s GOP, though, has false information at indyrepublicans dot com Color photos of GOP nominees are displayed over that candidate’s name & the office s/he seeks. A photo of the nominee for District 87…


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Where to get Info for how to register to vote. Do it!

In 1974 I helped register voters at the Howard County 4-H Fair. Each of the two “major” political parties had a tent with volunteers trying to get as many eligible people as possible registered. In 2006, in Washington Twp 21-01, both D’s & R’s worked together to help people vote. 1/5

Today a friend called, then sent a screen-shot of an application for an absentee ballot she received from the Democratic Party. I want to know if the Indiana GOP is sending out any non-partisan info…


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As a GOP nominee for any office I cannot support combat veteran/neofascism opponent Destiny Wells (Dem) or Libertarian Jeff Maurer. against the GOP nominee

In November, the office of Indiana Secretary Indiana Secretary of State (“SoS”), established by IN’s Constitution, Art. 6, § 1, will be on the ballot. Our system of government depends upon our right to vote being safe. Indiana’s SoS is IN’s chief elections officer. I.C. 3-6-3.7-1. 1/5

In 2020, Connie Lawson, a Republican, was SoS and there were no credible complaints of voting irregularities. Destiny Wells, Democratic Party candidate for SofS, is a combat veteran who has been…


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Sept 20: Summer Cannabis Study at Indiana Statehouse

I'll attach to this blog/tweet, in PDF info that Jason Straw, head of Indiana NORML, sent out in regard to the Summer Cannabis Study at the Indiana Statehouse. And no, this is not like when a friend of mine snuck into the House Chambers and fired up a joint. 1/3

Why anyone has to discuss the matter is a bit absurd. They originally were to meet in Room 403, but needed a bigger room. Last I heard, it was 420. 2/3

I’m Mark Small, and I've argued for legalizing all drugs since…


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We on the Left can be civil

Grace & civility R qualities all-too-rare. Online ppl sometimes aren’t real & this can lead to real ppl being treated as objects. Friday 9/16 I addressed folks who commented about my speaking on 9/15 at the Governor’s Mansion where ppl protested IN’s absurd abortion law. 1/3

Photographer Leif Ostara wrote several such comments. On 9/18 he posted this: “I’m sorry you were so offended. I think you’re very interesting and I meant no offense. I’m a bit of a wingnut myself.” I…


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IN GOP chair Kyle Hupfer sends out an erroneous email

In 9/18 email, IN GOP chair Kyle Hupfer, w/subject line of “Socialism? In Indiana?” claimed Democrats want to change our freedom-loving way of life “to America becoming a socialist country.” Hupfer doesn’t define the scary term, “socialism,” but saysDems roll “their eyes 1/6

at our constitutional principles of free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.” FL has election police, MAGA ppl want theocracy & the 2nd Amend is bastardized by the GOP. Hupfer’s…


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Invite to Leif Ostara, Nancy Kohn & anyone else...

When trump made fun a reporter’s disability in 2016, many were appalled. This past Thursday I would have been glad to talk w/ppl, who took issue with my speaking about IN’s new abortion law, at the Governor’s Mansion. Photographer Leif Ostara wrote he didn’t “know this 1/5

dude's name” but “he's super wingnutty” like “a cross betw John C. Reilly and Henry Winkler.” Ostara yelped “Yikes!” after a Jordan Trachtenberg’s cursory search found a website that listed no platform for me. Sara…


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My platform: condensed from February

Several ppl expressed dismay, after the protest outside the Governor’s Mansion on 09/15/22, that I do not have a platform. One person wrote “Yikes.” In February I posted my platform on my blog & Twitter in February. So, here are the issues I listed w/my stand. 1/5

1) Women’s reproductive rts: codify provisions of Roe. 2) Education: restore academic freedom of our pub school teachers & end vouchers. 3) Economic policies: repeal IN TIF statute + stop public subsidies to pro…


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We should want those immigrants here

Stats show that immigrants commit far fewer crimes, work harder & do more for communities where they live than people born in the USA. FL & TX are cruel in sending, via false pretenses (a/k/a lies) immigrants to Massachusetts. We want those ppl in Indiana. 1/2

Hoosier Hospitality should be more than a catch-phrase for commercials. I’m Mark Small: pro-choice, pro-separation of church & State, anti-gun GOP nominee (I won the primary) for Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of…


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To restore Roe, change corporate laws of political parties

Tomorrow I’ll speak outside the Governor’s Mansion at a rally to protest Indiana’s abortion law, enacted after a Supreme Court with impaired legitimacy overturned Roe v Wade. Lee Atwater set abortion as a key issue, though few in history have seen abortion as wrong (read Roe). 1/5

Atwater said racism could fly if the GOP swapped out divisive terms (like racial expletives) with race-neutral terms like “busing.” Atwater’s plans used white supremacy & fascism founded in a weird…


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1st Amend (religion) + 2nd Amend (guns) is not good

The Constitution created a framework for gov’t. The first 10 amendments, called the Bill of Rights, were added soon after The Constitution was ratified to allay the fears of some who felt a Bill of Rights was necessary. The Civil War amendments, 13-15, broadened protections. 1/6

The First Amendment (“1A”): (a) protects us from & practice of religion; & (b) protects speech & right of association. 2A protects the right of the people to have armed militias. Recently 1A &…


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Indiana's "Open Door Law" & Micah Beckwith's appointment to HEPL board

Basis for Indiana’s Open Door Law, enacted in 1977 & amended several times, is in American const’l representative gov’t, the ppl are entitled to full & complete info on affairs of gov’t & official acts of public officials and employees. I.C. 5-14-3-1. But the door’s not so “open.” 1/5

Example: a public agency can publish its agenda ahead of a scheduled meeting, but an agenda is not required. I.C. § 5-14-1.5-4. Both the Hamilton County Commissioners and the Hamilton East…


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Who knew Micah Beckwith was being placed on the library's board?

On 9/8/22 Hamilton East Public Library (“ideas live here”) w/neither fanfare nor public notice, inserted a new member into its board. Micah Beckwith’s appointment should have been subject to public comment. In his scramble for political power he has let some know his views. 1/5

Beckwith does selfie videos in his car. On 10/24/19, he claimed those who say there is a wall of separation betw church & State just don’t know our history, but Beckwith quotes Jefferson, who is credited…


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Portraits & trump's blatant racism

Followers of trump follow a racist. Today, 09/07/22, portraits of President and Mrs Obama were unveiled in The White House. Such unveilings have been a tradition since 1978, but the tradition was skipped 2017-21. Tee times & meetings with dictator/pals weren’t so time-intensive. 1/4

A real “tell”: Moscow’s favorite “plant” hung a portrait of POTUS #7, Andrew Jackson, in The Oval Office. Jackson was a slaveholder and was a leading force in the genocide of the indigenous peoples.…


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We should void the actions of trump's illegal presidency

trump’s time in the Oval Office was illegitimate. Claims that Russia planted trump’s fat ass behind the Resolute desk do not fall in the category of “hoax.” trump openly courted Russia’s help during a debate with Secretary Clinton. Speaker Paul Ryan admitted Russia’s actions. 1/4

U.S. military spends a ton of money on computers and on recruiting based on teaching recruits computer skills. The rest of the World (and Russia) have laughed at us because Putin’s theft of the Oval Office…


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Gutless, masked, heavily armed idiots marched by the dozen in Indy...

A few dozen masked, heavily armed thugs marched downtown in Indy a couple of days ago, in a show of what they apparently saw as “guts.” They hid their faces behind masks. If they want to spew their hate-filled rhetoric, they should remove their masks. Until then they can stuff it. 1/5

Next, Isaac Asimov wrote violence is “the last resort of the incompetent.” If you need a gun to make your point, you don’t have a point. Guns didn’t win this country liberty. British debt & her…


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Justice Center: the "green" party really in control

The “Justice Center” that houses the court systems of Marion County/Indianapolis is a marvel of absolutely bad planning. First it guts part of downtown Indy by moving, a couple of miles south east, our courts. A lot of jobs went with the building. There is a vacuum on Market Street. 1/4

Second, the building is sterile. Apparently designed by the same architects as designed the Indy airport, one has the impression that flight information will be on the videos. Third, there is no common…


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