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As a GOP nominee for any office I cannot support combat veteran/neofascism opponent Destiny Wells (Dem) or Libertarian Jeff Maurer. against the GOP nominee

In November, the office of Indiana Secretary Indiana Secretary of State (“SoS”), established by IN’s Constitution, Art. 6, § 1, will be on the ballot. Our system of government depends upon our right to vote being safe. Indiana’s SoS is IN’s chief elections officer. I.C. 3-6-3.7-1. 1/5

In 2020, Connie Lawson, a Republican, was SoS and there were no credible complaints of voting irregularities. Destiny Wells, Democratic Party candidate for SofS, is a combat veteran who has been endorsed by VoteVets. She also has stated her opposition to neofascism. 2/5

The % of votes a party’s candidate receives for SoS determines if a party holds a primary (free publicity). I.C. 3-10-1-2. Libertarian Jeff Maurer is that party’s SoS candidate. He’s an Air Force vet & graduated fr Washington Univ in St. Louis, but on one’s said he’s a Cardinals’ fan. 3/5

As a Republican in good standing & primary qualified, GOP rules prohibit me from supporting any candidate running against a GOP candidate, in this instance, Diego Morales who raised more $ than his opponent, won the primary & seems to be an election denier. 4/5

The SoS’s duty is to guard the system. Be careful when you cast your vote for SoS. I did not say I support Destiny Wells or Jeff Maurer. Seriously. I’m Mark Small: pro-voting rights, pro-choice, GOP nominee, Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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