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Invite to Leif Ostara, Nancy Kohn & anyone else...

When trump made fun a reporter’s disability in 2016, many were appalled. This past Thursday I would have been glad to talk w/ppl, who took issue with my speaking about IN’s new abortion law, at the Governor’s Mansion. Photographer Leif Ostara wrote he didn’t “know this 1/5

dude's name” but “he's super wingnutty” like “a cross betw John C. Reilly and Henry Winkler.” Ostara yelped “Yikes!” after a Jordan Trachtenberg’s cursory search found a website that listed no platform for me. Sara Mason (New Zealand) sd I “look like a satirical character.” 2/5

Ostara noted “Nancy, the person wearing” pro-choice shirt & holding an “anti-GOP sign” did “NOT [emph in original] have time” for my “antics” & Nancy “is a legend.” No one talked to me there or responded to my posts of last evening (including my platform, Febr 2022). 3/5

Roe’s author was a member of the GOP, the GOP’s been progressive for most of its history, but now it controls much of IN’s political structure & is held by the right wing. My platform’s not wingnutty: codify Roe, ban the death penalty, stop public subsidies of pro sports. 4/5

We’re on the same side, but if you want to argue, do it. Be guests on my podcast Civil Discourse Now Tues at 7. I’m Mark Small: pro-environment, pro choice, pro-science, anti-gun GOP nominee for Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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