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IN GOP chair Kyle Hupfer sends out an erroneous email

In 9/18 email, IN GOP chair Kyle Hupfer, w/subject line of “Socialism? In Indiana?” claimed Democrats want to change our freedom-loving way of life “to America becoming a socialist country.” Hupfer doesn’t define the scary term, “socialism,” but saysDems roll “their eyes 1/6

at our constitutional principles of free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.” FL has election police, MAGA ppl want theocracy & the 2nd Amend is bastardized by the GOP. Hupfer’s specifics? 1) Reckless gov’t spending caused 40-yr-high inflation.” 2/6

Hupfer cites no source for his claim. Reckless spending + stupid tax cuts 4 very rich were trump. 2) “The hiring of 87K IRS agents to audit middle-income Americans.” No: IRS’s work force is 17% less since 2010 & w/in 5 yrs 50K IRS agents hit retirement, re: Cong testimony. 3/6

3) “A shameful transfer of debt from college graduates to the working class.” NO. “Student debt is a very American and shameful thing.... I’ve studied in several countries and can attest to that.” Dino Dionne, CEO Genesis Capital. Threats of $250K debt = fewer ppl go to college. 4/6

In ‘80s college costs spiked & big banks began to bleed college students. In 2008 same banks grabbed trillions in bailouts. “Socialism” isn’t scary: pol/econ system where means of prod’n, distr & exchange should be owned OR REGULATED by community. Hupfer’s right: 5/6

USA has been transformed, but by cowardice of GOP leaders who refused to stand up to a would-be dictator. Americans don’t goose-step. I’m Mark Small, anti-MAGA GOP nominee for Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 6/6

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