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May 2024 Blog Posts (12)

No one should be a RINO in a RICO

Yesterday the jury, in People v Donald J Trump, 71543-23, returned a verdict of Guilty on each of the 34 counts brought. There are “vibes” today reminiscent of 1974, Congressional hearings that went from investigation to impeachment, and Pres Nixon’s overreach for power. 1/9

I was in undergrad. In 1972 I’d passed out campaign literature for the McGovern campaign. In 1974 I worked in the Democratic Party tent at the county fair. I’ve voted, primary and general, in every election since…


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"Importantville," the need for local journalism & Merde de Poulet

Tuesday (Tues, 5/21, 9 pm) on John Schmitz’s podcast “Mouthwash” [FN1] the guest will be Adam Wren. [FN2] He writes for Importantville [FN3] which fills gaps the internet created in local news coverage. In 1994, a daily newspaper like The Indianapolis Star was a fixture. 1/11

For all its faults, The Star covered local news in more categories than politics, & in tones less “rah rah.” Mr Wren’s interview of Micah Beckwith [FN4] shows local focus on questions that no one else has…


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Not remotely a family resemblance..

“Sources” are important, whether in mundane conversations or in posts on social media. I try to footnote posts in my blog and on “X” (formerly twitter) and, if a post is a work of satire [FN1], I sometimes label it as such, unless omission of that label [FN2] is unnecessary. 1/8

Last evening, I realized that a noise emanating from a desk drawer was from a flip-phone. The number is known to few because it’s a flip-phone, tossed aside for years. I dug it out, but did not recognize the…


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Parable of two guys & control of a submersible

The 2024 election for President viewed in context of a submersible that dives to the wreckage of HMS Titanic.

“I think we ought to go back to the surface,” the skipper says, “I didn’t know this isn’t certified as safe for these depths.” 1/7

Smart-guy passenger shoves skipper aside. “I can run this. In military school; they said I was brilliant in everything I did.”

Skipper reaches for the controls. “We need to go to the surface. The pressure is tons per square inch. This…


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What about outcomes...

I expressed concerns re what might ensue in Indiana if 1) Pres Biden & VP Harris win re-election in November, but 2) trump wins Indiana’s 11 electors. Sen Mike Braun, GOP nominee for Gov, but for the Jan 6 insurrection, would have voted to reject the 2020 election results. [FN1] 1/10

Several ppl shared my concern. Another person pointed out: “Braun won't be sworn in until after the election. Until that happens Holcomb will be in charge.” True, but Gov Holcomb was on the fence on…


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What happens in a "red" State

No one questioned the results of elections held during the Civil War (1864) or WWII (1944). A litmus test for today’s GOP is belief that the 2020 election was hacked for Pres Biden’s benefit. What happens, here in Indiana, if the GOP claims elections in November are not valid? 1/8

1) Who wins election for IN Gov is central. There has been no indication that the Democratic Party candidate for Governor, Jennifer McCormick, has bought into the “big lie” otoh, Sen Mike Braun, the GOP…


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Supremacy clause & GOP IN Gov

We’ve been lucky. [FN1] The World’s ocean has protected us from invasion. [FN2] The War of 1812 consisted of skirmishes. [FN3] Large-scale battles & their carnage did not occur here in the land of the free. [FN4] We were 0-0-1, in a shallow sports way to say our “team’s” record. 1/10

The Mexican-American War was fought on our soil, only if you consider the land we took from Mexico and claimed, as a result of the war, to be “our soil.” [FN5] We were 1-0-1. [FN6] The…


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The most important question to ask candidates for office in 2024

The most important question to ask candidates on the November ballot is simple and goes to the core principles of our government. I hope a lot of people read this before it gets taken down, as has happened several times this week. We’ve not much time left. 1/5

The GOP was founded (ironically) in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery. It has become a cult of personality. Whatever claim the GOP could make as the “party of Lincoln” was pissed away on Jan 6. Lincoln would have thought a…


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trump is a momser

We fly blind. Pre-election polls have been worthless [FN1] since land lines faded into the past. A denial of facts has infected the electorate. For example, January 6 was an insurrection. [FN2] We saw it on TV. People who took part in it have pleaded guilty, by the hundreds. [FN3] 1/7

Whatever opinion surveys might show, when women’s reproductive rights, including the right to have an abortion, is on the ballot, women have shown up & voted & secured victories. Indiana gave its…


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Models of dysfunction: HEPL & U.S. House

Indiana political realities in this quadrennial vary. A person told me I only “preach to the choir.” I want to address 1) that critique + 2) why I re-visit points previously made.

Indiana has the same two “major” political parties as other States. [FN1] Visualize: 1/9

3 rectangles: left is blue (Dems), right is red (GOP) & middle is gray. [FN2] Indiana is red w/a few (very few) pockets of blue. A few voters (very few) in the blue & in the red might change. Voters in the…


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"Constitutionalism" as a type of jurisprudence is absurd

A person’s claim to be a “constitutionalist” is absurd. The Constitution requires the President, members of Congress & State legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, federal and State, by oath or affirmation, swear to uphold The Constitution. [FN1] 1/10

The people who wrote The Constitution were satisfied that their words sufficiently set forth their intent. Today some disagree. “Constitutionalism,” as advocated by one group, means judges can interpret, “but only…


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"Constitutionalist" would-be candidate for IN Lt Gov is not "brilliant"

Johnny Depp’s Edd Wood, one of the worst directors in film history, says, “Brilliant!” defined, in this context, as “having or showing great intelligence or keenness.” [FN1] The word has been used by some to describe a candidacy for IN Lt Gov. Micah Beckwith [FN2] 1/14

wants to be the GOP nominee for IN Lt Gov. The GOP nominee for Gov is determined by voters in the primary. [FN3] Nominee for Lt Gov is chosen on June 15 at the State convention. [FN4] Diego Morales used this plan in…


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