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Parable of two guys & control of a submersible

The 2024 election for President viewed in context of a submersible that dives to the wreckage of HMS Titanic.
“I think we ought to go back to the surface,” the skipper says, “I didn’t know this isn’t certified as safe for these depths.” 1/7

Smart-guy passenger shoves skipper aside. “I can run this. In military school; they said I was brilliant in everything I did.”
Skipper reaches for the controls. “We need to go to the surface. The pressure is tons per square inch. This wasn’t inspected properly.” 2/7

Smart-guy shoves skipper away. “I’m rich. Very rich. You think I’d be down here if I didn’t think it was safe? You want it certified? Why? So government run by a ‘mommy’ culture runs our lives? Let’s dip this nose down a bit more.” 3/7

A passenger at the back: “The guy at the wheel knows what he’s doing. Skipper’s uncertain.” Others agree.
Smart-guy says. “Submarines only get crushed in movies. Besides, we’ll have warning.” 4/7

“No,” skipper says. “It will happen with such force and so fast that the fact we are crushed will not have time for our brains to register the fact.”
The vessel is crushed. The people die, unaware of what happened. 5/7

On November 5 is the election for President of the United States.
Presidents only are “perfect” in works of fiction or propaganda. Washington, Jefferson,.Lincoln and both Roosevelts were harshly criticized in their day. The incumbent President is no different. 6/7

On Nov 5 we can vote for someone to remain at the controls who tells us things we might not want to hear, but seeks to protect us.
Or the person who occupied the Oval Office 2017-2021 takes it again and we get crushed before our brains can register the fact. 7/7

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