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The most important question to ask candidates for office in 2024

The most important question to ask candidates on the November ballot is simple and goes to the core principles of our government. I hope a lot of people read this before it gets taken down, as has happened several times this week. We’ve not much time left. 1/5

The GOP was founded (ironically) in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery. It has become a cult of personality. Whatever claim the GOP could make as the “party of Lincoln” was pissed away on Jan 6. Lincoln would have thought a Confederate flag in the Capitol disturbing. 2/5

We have heard a lot of advocacy for “2A rights.” Photographs of such advocates, brandishing firearms, are of people on the far right. When Black people tried to protect their community in the mid-1960s & purchased firearms, they were gunned down. 3/5

Mention of “cult of personality” brings to mind the officers of the military of a European nation who swore an oath of loyalty to their head of State. The oath was to that leader, by name. In that country and in the rest of the World, people expressed concerns. 4/5

The most important question to ask: can you take the oath of office and swear to protect and defend the Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic? To ask whether that candidate will recognize the results of an election its leader loses, really, is covered by the oath. 5/5

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