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We fly blind. Pre-election polls have been worthless [FN1] since land lines faded into the past. A denial of facts has infected the electorate. For example, January 6 was an insurrection. [FN2] We saw it on TV. People who took part in it have pleaded guilty, by the hundreds. [FN3] 1/7

Whatever opinion surveys might show, when women’s reproductive rights, including the right to have an abortion, is on the ballot, women have shown up & voted & secured victories. Indiana gave its electoral votes to then-Senator Obama in 2008. Dems can take this State. 2/7

NRA types say it takes a “good guy with a gun to beat a bad guy with a gun.” That’s not true. It takes a hell of a lot of voters to tell the momsers w/firearms: “No.” The 2nd Amendment never gave unfettered rights to individuals. Scalia even said that in Heller. [FN4] 3/7

We can learn fr history. As we near November, trump’s bully boys might try to break a few left-wing heads, like their ideological predecessors, Hitler’s S.A. [FN5] Agents provocateur will be in play. This, however, is certain. We don’t let them win. I’m a pacifist, not a doormat. 4/7

FN1. To be “statistically significant,” a poll must have a random sample in numbers large enough to overcome relevant biases. Land lines were convenient, until demographics showed land lines are devices fopr older ppl. Cell phones are less reliable for stats.5/7

FN2. “insurrection. A violent revolt against an oppressive authority, usu. a government.” Black’s Law Dictionary, pocket ed., 1996, p. 326.. 6/7

FN3. No one claimed to have been somewhere else. Dumb momsers like the guy at Speaker Pelosi’s desk or the guy w/the horned head wear there.
FN4. D.C., et. al. v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570, 626 (2008).
FN5. Evans, “The Coming of the Third Reich,” 2005, p.334-35. 7/7

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