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We’ve been lucky. [FN1] The World’s ocean has protected us from invasion. [FN2] The War of 1812 consisted of skirmishes. [FN3] Large-scale battles & their carnage did not occur here in the land of the free. [FN4] We were 0-0-1, in a shallow sports way to say our “team’s” record. 1/10

The Mexican-American War was fought on our soil, only if you consider the land we took from Mexico and claimed, as a result of the war, to be “our soil.” [FN5] We were 1-0-1. [FN6] The Spanish-American War was fought in Cuba, the Philippines and not here. [FN6] 2-0-1. 2/10

WWI: 1,000 miles of trenches were gouged through France & other countries, but not the U.S. Our participation in WWII as combatant began w/Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Hawai’i and Alaska, where Japan landed troops, were not States, but territories. trump lost in ‘16 & ‘20. 3/10

We saw carnage, but not in a war. What we call The Civil War was an action against treason. I’m very concerned that Biden will win the general election and a majority of electors, but a GOP IN Gov refuses to obey his oath. 4/10

FN1. I use the first-person plural pronoun to describe those of us, and our ancestors, living in the USA since The Constitution was ratified. is continent. 5/10

FN2. History of Europeans’ settling the “New World” can make some feel bad. Genocide is a bummer. So: indigenous ppl had no rights under The Constitution & scholars still argue about how indigenous ppl died. Mann, “1491,” 2011, pp. 105-09. Want to feel good? It’s zero. 6/10

FN3. Let’s not forget indigenous peoples who “played a major role.” While tribes “were aligned with both sides of the conflict”, they predominately allied themselves with the British. American Battlefield Trust, “The War of 1812.” 7/10

FN4 Well, except this was not the “land of the free” for a lot of people. In the census of 1810, the number of slaves in this country was 1,191,364. Table LXXI, Slave Population of the United States. Total population was 7,239,881. 8/10

FN5. “From the European point of view, Mexico was an impoverished young nation being bullied by a greedy neighbor.” Duggard, “The Training Ground,” 2008 ed., p. 252. We picked up a ton of land (California, Arizona, New Mexico). 9/10


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