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Yesterday the jury, in People v Donald J Trump, 71543-23, returned a verdict of Guilty on each of the 34 counts brought. There are “vibes” today reminiscent of 1974, Congressional hearings that went from investigation to impeachment, and Pres Nixon’s overreach for power. 1/9

I was in undergrad. In 1972 I’d passed out campaign literature for the McGovern campaign. In 1974 I worked in the Democratic Party tent at the county fair. I’ve voted, primary and general, in every election since I turned 18. In 2020, I ran in the GOP primary for INCD5. 2/9

Several people (very far right wing) discussed my candidacy. One said: “Republican? I gotta hear what he says about this.” I ran in the GOP because we cannot surrender it to forces of ignorance and bigotry. I am not a “RINO.” [FN1] People on the far right are “RINO.” To be clear: 3/9

The GOP was founded to stop slavery’s expansion & later opposed monopolies and took actions to protect the environment. In 1956, Pres Eisenhower sought re-election on a GOP platform of expanding Social Security, protection of civil rights, and protecting rights of labor unions.” 4/9

The GOP’s platform included a call for a “constitutional amendment providing equal rights for men and women.” [FN2] Today’s iteration of the GOP is not so much a political party as it is a Racketeer-influenced Corrupt Organization. (“RICO”), run by Putin from afar. 5/9

Anyone who supports trump, after the many revelations in the New York trial, his former aides’s memoirs, or his ramblings, at times incoherent, speeches to supporters, has abdicated reason for a promise of tyranny. I cannot support trump; I support against trump President Biden. 6/9

Several pseudo-trumps will appear on Indiana’s ballot in November. I cannot vote for Braun. If Beckwith is Braun’s running mate, we have a Christofascist joined w/a racist. I’ll support anyone who challenges Rokita for A.G. And a Senator Banks? No thanks. [FN3] So everyone: 7/9

make sure you’re registered to vote, make sure you know the location of your polling site. We survived four years of trump who was in office thanks to Putin. We cannot survive another four years of that idiocy. No one should be a RINO in a party that’s really a RICO. 8/9

FN1. “Republican in Name Only.”
FN2. The American Presidency Project, “Republican Party Platform of 1956.”
FN3. I’m trying to break as many rules of this iteration of the GOP as possible .9/9

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