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The GOP ticket for Governor and ...?

In November, Hoosier voters can vote for Governor, just like Hoosiers in May’s GOP primary cast a ballot for Sen Mike Braun. Each time, voters had an illusion of voting for a person who would fulfill the duties of the office of Gov if Braun prevails in November. 1/8

The problem is Hamilton County preacher Micah Beckwith [FN1] who’s running to be GOP’s nominee for Lt Gov. [FN2] If you do not recall having the chance to vote for a candidate for Lt Gov on your primary ballot, that’s because the GOP’s Lt Gov nominee is picked at 2/8

State convention. [FN3] Beckwith claims he wants to give State GOP convention delegates their “voices back.” [FN4] He doesn’t bother to mention that, when he began to organize his effort a year ago no delegates had yet been chosen. He has recruited people to be delegates. 3/8

Beckwith gets nasty if he does not get his way, as can be discerned in videos of HEPL board meetings. One may infer a delegate who has second thoughts about voting for Beckwith at the State GOP convention would receive just as cheerful a response from Beckwith. 4/8

Beckwith seeks to take away the “voice” of primary voters who chose Braun, who has picked Rep Julie McGuire to be his running mate. Beckwith was not on the ballot because he knows that even GOP voters choose people other than Beckwith, when voters have a choice. 5/8

The State convention delegates’ choice is determinative. With Beckwith as #2: 1) Braun easily could lose in the gen’l election to Jennifer McCormick [FN5]; or 2) as Gov, Braun either seals off Beckwith from any input or surrenders his office to a Christofascist. 6/8

FN1. Hamilton County preacher, lost 2020 GOP primary for INCD5; resigned, board member of Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL).
FN2. Wren, “Confessions of an (Alleged) Book Banner, Importantville, 9/24/23. 7/8

FN3. Beckwith’s YouTube video, “How to Become an Indiana GOP Delegate.”
FN4. Id.
FN5. That’s not such a bad thing. 8/8

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