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Indiana's Constitution does not confer upon Lt Gov role of insurance against policies

Hamilton County preacher Micah Beckwith [FN1] wants to be the GOP nominee for IN Lt Gov. In a 20-sec YouTube video, he looks into the camera & says he’ll be “an insurance policy against the woke mob.” [FN2] His target audience: delegates to the GOP State convention. [FN3] 1/11

Beckwith recruited people 2 B on the May 7 primary ballot as delegates because those delegates name the party’s nominee for Lt Gov. But Beckwith’s run for Lt Gov is based on falsehoods & each day brings new embellishments. [FN4] Context is important. 2/11

Beckwith describes himself as a “constitutionalist.” [FN5] In the video, he says he will be an “insurance policy.” [FN6] The office of IN Lt Gov is created by Constitution [FN7] & neither it nor any statute confers such a role upon IN’s Lt Gov. The video is scary. 3/11

Beckwith blasts “threats” against “our democracy.” That hardly rings true from a person who is skirting voters by being “‘laser-focused’ on delegates” to the convention. [FN8] The worst is Beckwith’s vision [FN9] & how Indiana should be like Texas & Florida. [FN10] 4/11

We already are. Indiana is down there w/other States w/complete bans on abortions When med school students in OB-GYN consider residency programs. [FN11] Stated differently, doctors who want to provide patients w/the best care possible do not want to risk prison 5/11

especially when the laws carrying such penalties are written by people who demean science as they pander to people who lack critical thinking skills. Docs will go to a blue State and leave Indiana behind. People will die in greater numbers. 6/11

FN1. Ham County preacher, lost 2020 GOP primary for INCD5; resigned, board member of Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL).
FN2. “Insurance Policy Againt the Woke Mob,” YouTube, accessed 6/3/24. 7/11

FN3. Beckwith says 1,814 delegates will be there. (5/16/24 post on X/formerly twitter @MicahBeckwith on X/formerly Twitter). The convention is set for 6/15/24 at the Convention Center. 8/11

FN4. The falsehoods are listed and described in blogs/tweets of May 2, 5 6 and 20, June 2, 2024.
FN5. See @ MicahBeckwith, X (formerly Twitter), 5/16/24; see also “Hoosiers Against Micah Beckwith for Indiana,” a public FB page. 9/11

FN6. Id., FN2
FN7. Ind. Const. Art. V, §§ 2, 9, 10, 21, 23
FN8. Leslie Bonilla Muniz, “Pastor Micah Beckwith launches bid for lieutenant governor,” Indiana Capital Chronicle, 6/6/23. 10/11

FN9. Not his “vision” while chatting w/God; that’s a different cause for concern.
FN10. Id., FN2.
FN11. Nadine El-Bawab, “Future doctors say they're discouraged from working in states with abortion bans,” ABC News, 5/3/23. 11/11

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