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October 2020 Blog Posts (13)

Hope: GOP voter suppression has backfired

Today, Friday, October 30, 2020, has been beautiful: the autumn air crisp, the trees about to lose the orange and gold and red leaves. As I walked across the parking lot at 10:20, about 700 people already were in line for early voting.

Sanctimonious horses’ asses say “Not willing to stand in line? You shouldn’t have the right to vote” without argument to support their judgment. Besides, people already have died for the right to vote - that’s payment enough. Plus I like the “I Vote/I…


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I cannot support that racist, incompetent bastard

On Twitter this morning, I said The Constitution requires impeachment and conviction for high crimes and misdemeanors (or not being of “good Behaviour”) before a sitting Justice on SCOTUS can be removed.

@vegix replied: “Confirmation despite wrongdoings does not excuse criminality. Especially when said confirmation was highly partisan.” I don’t excuse wrongdoing, but we have to follow The Constitution, or else years ago “Congress would've tossed progressive Justices.”

We need…


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Der Wehrmacht view of Normandy, 11/3/20

June 6, 1944, dawn: German troops on the “Atlantic wall” awoke and, as mists cleared, saw the largest armada in history, the Allies’ long-anticipated attack, aimed at them. German - and Allied - troops had reason to fear the next hours and (for survivors) the next months.

Germans also had reason to fear the post-War. How would survivors, if not prosecuted as war criminals, explain - to their children, grandchildren, neighbors if they sought escape to another country - how had they…


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I'm an elected GOP official - nobody replies?

This election is the most important that I can remember in my life. When I worked at the county fair in 1974, when I was home for the summer from DePauw, The two major political parties were equally concerned with getting people to vote.

Years later, at the polls in the mid-2000s, folks from both parties sought to ensure the most basic right in our country, the right to vote, was protected.

I am the elected precinct committee person in Washington Township, 21-01. I have called…


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Who said Spartz works w/Russian oligarchs?

Indiana’s 5th Congressional District (INCD5) race is heating up, and I read some things from a couple of months back. Apparently Victoria Spartz, who bought the GOP nomination, took umbrage with “opponents [who] have accused me of working with Russian oligarchs.”

She said the “attacks are 100% FALSE. In fact, they are so baseless and so malicious I am considering taking legal action against the individuals promoting them.”

1) The First Amendment protects political speech under…


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Crucial differences betw trump & der Fuehrer

People are too quick to compare (unfairly) the current occupant of the Oval Office (a/k/a trump) to Adolf Hitler. There are significant differences. To correct erroneous beliefs held by some, here is a repeat of points made several months ago.

1) Hitler wrote a book that became a bestseller - trump had to employ a ghost writer; 2) Hitler was “in the black” - i.e., financially successful (from book sales) - when he took office - trump (as we now know) was hundreds of millions of $$$ in…


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I guess SCOTUS nominees don't fret about DCS

If you are poor or on the lower side of middle-class, you probably know what “DCS” stands for: Department of Child Services. As Kin Hubbard once observed, it’s not against the law to be poor, but it might as well be.

Judge Coney Barrett attended trump’s Sept 26 announcement of her nomination for SCOTUS at an outdoor ceremony attended by > 150 people, “many of whom did not wear masks or practice social distancing,” - NBC.

Afterward, dozens gathered inside the White House's…


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Columbus should NOT be venerated w/a holiday

In an appeal to the racist part of his base - i.e., his base - trump last month spoke to a nearly all white crowd in Minnesota about how they have “good genes.” A consistent trump theme over the years? “I have great genes and all that stuff, which I'm a believer in" Mississippi, 2016.

Today is a Federal holiday: Columbus Day. On October 12, 1492, Columbus landed on a beach in the Bahamas, greeted by Arawak indigenous people. He wrote in his log: “With fifty men we could subjugate them…


Added by Mark Small on October 12, 2020 at 7:04am — 1 Comment

Why trump can't debate: falsification and ...

Debate has been my life, since before the first high school tournament. It led to enlightenment. Our teams did pretty well. I learned how to work with others, because usually there are two people - not a ventriloquist and a dummy - on a debate team.

College debate was a blast. DePauw’s coach, Dr Weiss, was a great person and a mentor. He stressed values, but did not protest the trophies that fill shelves or plaques that hang on the walls of the trophy room in Greencastle.



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Challenge to trump - YOU DOLT - to debate

I apologize. I have been remiss in my obligations to everyone, but most of all to People for whom I care and our Country. A raving lunatic occupies the Oval Office via machinations by the dictatorial head (Putin) of a hostile foreign power (Russia anyone?)

trump has emailed funders to me & I have replied as acerbically as possible. I pondered seeking a protective order against the orange (some would say tangerine) fool. I’ve emailed the stupid bastard back - and yet no…


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If GOP believes in marketplace of ideas, it should encourage people to vote

This iteration of the Republican Party has sought to shut out, from participation in elections, people who are likely to vote against candidates of that party. The GOP has cited non-existent problems with “voter fraud” to take these actions.

Any political party in a free country should encourage every eligible voter to exercise the right to vote. The way in which to win a competition is not by taking cheap shots at the other side to cripple the competitor, through fear of its ability…


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I don't think the GOP likes me in their punch bowl

I have yet to receive a reply to an e-mail I sent, on Wednesday, September 30, to the Marion County Republican Party (“Mar Co GOP”). For that matter I have received no communications from Mar Co GOP except a couple of texts in reply to a phone VM I left.

My victorious campaign for precinct committee person on June 2 was hard-fought and, when the dust settled, I was the winner. Well, I was the only candidate for the position, but we need to wrest control of the GOP from…


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Freedom from and of religion: are of = importance.

Years ago many people refused to believe that little tiny organisms cause a lot of disease and death. Germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses - something that cannot be seen cannot exist. Science advanced - yes, evolved - as people learned.

Today we face a global pandemic - that most of the rest of the globe has addressed much more effectively than has the United States. Many people have died who would otherwise be alive because of the ineptitude of the current occupant of the Oval…


Added by Mark Small on October 3, 2020 at 7:44pm — 1 Comment

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