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July 2023 Blog Posts (12)

More than 2 sides to any issue & some people see only 1 side

John Schmitz started his podcast “Mouthwash” over 2 yrs ago on Facebook (Tuesdays at 9 p.m.) As director/host, each week he has to line up guests, research topic(s), confirm regular panelists, and publicize it all. John wanted people of any political views could talk in civil fashion.1/5

I’ve been a guest & have a weekly spot, smalltalk, on Mouthwash. John and I disagree on most issues. Mouthwashtalkshow is John’s handle on Twitter & yesterday he had a series of exchanges…


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I-70 billboard of long ago: God, guns & guts...

In the mid-70s, a billboard at I-465 and I-70 on the west side greeted east-bound traffic: “God, guns & guts made America great/Let’s keep all 3!” This is an example of falsehoods repeated so often as to deter question of their validity. 1) “God” is not in The Constitution. At the 1787 1/5

Constitutional Convention, Franklin’s motion to start each day w/prayer did not come to a vote. To say “Freedom of & from religion made this country different” is more accurate, but bogs…


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Beckwith as the back door man

To say views espoused by Hamilton County preacher/wannabe politician Micah Beckwith are silly is kind. We use comedy to ridicule bigotry, ignorance, misogyny & racism, but usually at a distance. Mel Brooks did not shoot “The Producers,” w/its fictional musical “Springtime for 1/6

Hitler,” until more than 20 years had passed since the end of the “Thousand Year Reich” after a run of 12 years & 4 months. 100 years ago this month, D.C. Stephenson was formally inducted as head of…


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People should not compare trump to Hitler

trump says if he regains the Oval Office, he wants more power. Some observers are too quick to compare trump to a genocidal former corporal who led Germany from 1933-1945. Years of home schoolin’ & vouchers have left many Americans ignorant of civics & history. Differences 1/4

between trump and Hitler are stark. 1) Hitler actually wrote (Hess typed) the best seller published under his name, but tfg had ghost writers; 2) Hitler was financially solvent (mostly from book sales)…


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trump's presidency & any nominations to courts he made, are illegitimate & void

Even people acting in good faith can’t keep gains from criminal conduct. Example: some ppl cashed out their investments before Carlo Ponzi’s Securities Exchange Co was busted in Aug 1920 had to pay back profits. trump & ppl who gained fr his time in office can’t keep the 1/5

spoils obtained. I was counsel in 2 cases filed w/SCOTUS in 2017: Bailey, et al v. U.S., docket 16-1464, and Blumstein, et al v Pence, dkt 16-907, mandamus actions. In Shane, et al v U.S., et al, 17-857,…


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The Roberts Court: fraud (not very well) disguised as jurisprudence

The fraud that is the jurisprudence of the 6-justice Roberts Court hit depths, last term, not seen in over two centuries. Possibly the Worst Court Ever, the Taney Court (1836-64) in a 7-2 opinion, by the CJ himself, in Dred Scott v Sanford, 60 U.S. 393 (1856), solidified racism. 1/5

The issue: “Can a negro, whose ancestors were imported into this country” & “sold as slaves” be & be entitled to all the rights of a US citizen? Taney’s answer: no: fr 1789 Black ppl were…


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GOP SCOTUS justices: corrupt for pay or because they enjoy it?

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) tweeted an MSNBC story about ethics conflicts of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, & asked: “How many billionaire benefactors does one judge need?” The question is legitimate & implies specific limits should be imposed. As usual for, 1/7

us liberals, the Senator overlooked very important prelim info. Is the judge in it for the money? Or, so maga ppl better understand, is the judge a sl*t or a wh*r*? (Vowels are $50 each.) The former is in it for fun…


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Indiana's anti-transgender law, SB 480 was partially blocked in federal court (& Delaware County Council member Ryan Webb isn't funny

06/16/2023: U.S. District Court, Indiana’s southern district, blocked most provisions of Indiana’s statute limiting care for transgender people. Its Order Granted in Part a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction in K.C., et al. Medial Licensing Bd, et al, 1:23-cv-595. First, Indiana AG Rokita, 1/7

on 04/05/22, sd SB480 “protects our children from irreversible” damaging decisions & “banning these experimental procedures is critical” for future generations and that his office is “ready…


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Military mind-sets are not good for domestic policy

For 78 years USA has talked more “war” than’s been waged. LBJ (poverty) and Nixon (drugs & crime) had wars. Recent talk has been of a “second civil war.” “The Congress shall have Power [] To declare War.” (Const. Art. I, sec. 8.) USA only has fought in five (5) wars: 1/6

1) War of 1812: British troops sacked D.C. & we had a tie. (U.S.: 0-0-1.) 2) Mexican-American War: Pres Polk sd Mexico attacked U.S. troops on U.S. soil. Others disagreed. U.S. won. (U.S.: 1-0-1.) 3)…


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Drugs in the White House are as American as Willie Nelson ... or djt jr

DATELINE: Washington, D.C. “U.S. Secret Service agents found the [cocaine] during a routine White House sweep on Sunday, in a small, clear plastic bag on the ground in a heavily trafficked area.” Drugs in the WH are American culture. Willie Nelson got high on the WH roof. 1/5

The most uptight individuals to occupy the Oval Office were vehemently anti-pot. Nixon is on tape: “I want a [gd] strong statement on marijuana ... You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are…


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Anonymous call to the White House to help find cocaine!

OPERATOR: Good evening. White House switchboard.

JR: Hi. I want to talk with whoever is investigating

the “white powder” found in the West Wing.

O: May I have your name please?

JR: I know this number. That should narrow the field.

O: Sir, I...

JR: You don’t know who I am? I can spell it out,

if that helps.

O: I think I have your name, but it helps if you spell

the last part.

JR: Huh?

O: The first, middle & last names…


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100 years ago on this date was an ugly event in Hoosier history

100 years ago on this date, D.C. Stephenson was formally inducted “as Indiana Grand Dragon” of Indiana’s KKK. Madison, “The Ku Klux Klan in the Heartland,” 2020, p. 129. In “My Indiana,” Irving Leibowitz, a reporter for The Indianapolis Times, wrote: Stephenson promoted 1/5

himself to Grand Dragon of the Klan in Indiana. [H]e arranged at Kokomo’s Malfalfa Park on July 4, 1923 the greatest gathering of the Klan ever held in the state” 200K kluxers assembled for the konklave...” (p.…


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