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November 2023 Blog Posts (11)

Pulitzer prize for fiction? Rokita's amicus brief for trump:

IN AG Todd Rokita’s latest email says he joined 19 other attorneys general on an amicus (friend of the Court) brief w/the Colorado Supreme Court. [FN1] Colorado judge held: 1) trump engaged in insurrection, but 2) It’s not clear Amend XIV applies to POTUS. [FN2] Rokita says to 1/9

ban trump from Colorado’s 2024 ballot “smacks” of “underhanded sliminess” [FN3] like 2020's elections. [FN4] It “disenfranchises voters in other States, like Indiana.” [FN5] The amicus brief is wrong to…


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trump is no basis for reality

Ralph Waldo Emerson often is misquoted [FN1]: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” [FN 2] Without consistency, math (e.g., numerical values are constant), language (words have specific meanings) would be impossible. Today, inconsistency impairs civil discourse.1/7

On 11/25 I re-posted meme of pics of Hitler & trump w/caption “Evil doesn’t die It reinvents itself.” One person posted replies: 1) a pic of former Senator Hillary Clinton w/”Evil” as a caption.…


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Reply to a post by Sean Shepard

I shall take your post as directed to me, Sean. I am flattered. I shall be careful to use simple words so that you do not get lost, and shall try to answer your question, but that is at the end.

I) You suggest there “should be some kind of word for denial of what one’s political religion is doing.”

A) Your concept of “religion” probably is limited to a belief built around rhe existence of a “god.” Religion can be such a belief. Some use the word to describe a group of beliefs or…


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"God" gives the FBI an alibi for Jan 6

Micah Beckwith [FN1], in a FB video shot shortly after 1/6/21, says “God” told him: “I sent those riots to Washington.” Any claim that the insurrection was staged to discredit trump flies in the face of “God.” Tucker Carlson can’t say it was an FBI “false flag” [FN2] [FN3] 1/6

Evangelicals must be held to a premise. “God” [F4] would neither lie nor joke about such things. 1) I’m unaware of any passage of either testament in which the supreme deity says it’s all a prank or practical…


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Slavery, electors and 1824, 1924, 2024

We near 2024’s election for POTUS [FN1] Racism is an issue and is a significant part of other issues. [FN2] Slavery began here in 1619 [FN3], was protected by The Constitution [FN4] and ended , only because secession of the Southern States forced the issue. [FN5] [FN6] 1/9

A century earlier, in Indiana, D.C. Stephenson used racism as part of his sales pitch for Hoosiers to join the KKK, but racism “was part of daily life.” [FN7]. He also used xenophobia [FN8] and hundreds of thousands…


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Fart in a whirlwind, i.e., Beckwith in public office

As the dust settles after the latest meeting of the board of directors of HEPL [FN1], we see a lot of money was wasted & nothing was gained. In May w/o public notice or listing on the agenda, the Hamilton County Council placed Micah Beckwith [FN2] on the HEPL board. 1/7

During the summer Beckwith was joined by three other board members of the far right for a 4-3 temporary [FN3] majority that instituted a new policy. Books were pulled from the teen section to be reviewed for, well,…


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Freedom might have a shelf life

The U.S. is not very “free.” That can be traced back to the early days. [FN1] The Constitution protected slavery until 1865. [FN2] Punishment of speech critical of war has been allowed during times of war. [FN3] On “total freedom” we are as low as 58th [FN4] & as high as 15th. [FN5] 1/7

Rankings aside, we can’t seriously be “Land of the Free,” w/5% of the World’s population but 20% of people in prison. [FN6] We rank 56th for rates of violent crime. [FN7] Not even mentioned as…


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The Constitution and Declarations of War

78 years is the longest the U.S. has not been at war. The Constitution states: “The Congress shall have Power [] To declare War.” [FN1] Our last war ended on 9/2/45. [FN2] Wars and non-wars are bloody messes, but wars are cumbersome, as the Framers intended. 1/7

On 6/29/1787, James Madison said at The Constitutional Convention: “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” [FN3] Leaders of our gov’t & our military like…


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This iteration of the GOP will lie to cling to power

After “stinging losses” in 2022's midterms, GOP [FN1] said they needed “to refine their message on abortion.” More losses this week & a veteran GOP consultant said this should “be a major wake-up call on the abortion issue for us.” [FN2] The GOP seeks power & trains followers 1/5

to shut their minds at mention of catch-phrases so that followers will not think for themselves. Women’s reproductive rights was a prime target. The GOP lied to make the issue simple. But Roe v Wade…


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Quoting der Fuehrer not an outlier for Hamilton County group

Nat’l headlines are rarely kind to Indiana politics. An 1897 bill to set the value of Pi was comic. [FN1] Indiana’s dominance by the KKK after WWI was horrendous. [FN2] Even when it comes to “vice,” as in Vice Presidents, we are no better than a #2. [FN3] Yesterday, 11/7/23: 1/10

Nat’l media (again) reported on Hamilton County’s “Moms for Liberty.” [FN4] In June the group quoted der Fuehrer on its “newly launched newsletter, ‘The Parent Brigade’” & drew harsh reactions. [FN5]…


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June 2020? If you want to call them "riots" use the full phrase: "police riots"

A lie repeated 100 times is a lie. Tomorrow (11/07/23) Indy voters, who’ve not voted early, cast ballots for two offices, Mayor and City-County counselor. Jefferson Shreve, GOP candidate for mayor, says incumbent Mayor Joe Hogsett failed to respond to the 2020 BLM “riots.” 1/10

1 A “riot”: an “assemblage of three or more persons in a public place taking concerted action in a turbulent and disorderly manner for a common purpose...” [FN1] 2 The persons assembled “create a breach of the…


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