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The U.S. is not very “free.” That can be traced back to the early days. [FN1] The Constitution protected slavery until 1865. [FN2] Punishment of speech critical of war has been allowed during times of war. [FN3] On “total freedom” we are as low as 58th [FN4] & as high as 15th. [FN5] 1/7

Rankings aside, we can’t seriously be “Land of the Free,” w/5% of the World’s population but 20% of people in prison. [FN6] We rank 56th for rates of violent crime. [FN7] Not even mentioned as factors in “total freedom” are 2 of the far right’s most beloved “freedoms”: 2/7

1: “God,” [FN8] of the white supremacist, or any, variety.
2: “Right” to have guns. We have been told, by trump & his minions, what to expect in 2025, if Putin (as in 2016) installs trump in the Oval Office. “Vermin” who speak out against trump will be as free as Germans, 1933-45. 3/7

Tonight on “Mouthwash,” John Schmitz’s FB podcast, freedom is the topic. I’m trying to keep a sense of humor. The menace posed by trump, et al, is quite real. I’m interested to hear what John’s guests have to say (& you might find “smalltalk” interesting.). It’s at 9 p.m. 4/7

Footnotes: FN1. Several “buzz” phrases or words, mention of which people in this country have been conditioned to shut their minds, but please read to the end. FN2. “Importation of such Persons” (Art. I, §9). FN3. E.g., Debs v U.S., 249 U.S. 211 (1919). 5/7

Footnotes: FN4. Freedom House, NFP, founded in 1941 & founders included Wendell Willkie and Eleanor Roosevelt. FN5. Human Freedom Index, co-published by The Cato Institute and the Fraser Institute. FN6. Prison Policy Initiative, “What percent of the U.S...” 01/16/20. 6/7

Footnotes: FN7 World Population Review, Crime rate by country, 2023. FN8. As in free exercise and establishment clauses of the 1st Amendment. 7/7

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