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I shall take your post as directed to me, Sean. I am flattered. I shall be careful to use simple words so that you do not get lost, and shall try to answer your question, but that is at the end.
I) You suggest there “should be some kind of word for denial of what one’s political religion is doing.”
A) Your concept of “religion” probably is limited to a belief built around rhe existence of a “god.” Religion can be such a belief. Some use the word to describe a group of beliefs or values, that might even go so far as to explain existence. I usually am an atheist, but came close to belief in a higher being when The Chicago Cubs National League Baseball Club won the World Series in 2016.
B) I do not see how I am in “denial” of anything.
C) I do not have a “political religion.” I believe Thoreau had it right, in “Civil Disobedience,” when he wrote that that government is best that governs least and, when taken to its logical conclusion, that government is best which governs not at all and, when people are ready for it, that is the government they shall deserve.

II) You cram a lot of ... nonsense into the second sentence. I shall pry things apart:
A) I do not accuse trump of “being some kind of new Hitler”;
B) In fact, I believe the differences between Hitler and trump are numerous and significant:
1) Hitler wrote a bestseller. trump had to employ a ghost writer;
2) Hitler was in the black $-wise (from book sales) when he took office. trump was hundreds of millions of $$$ in debt;
3) Hitler didn’t dodge the draft, but enlisted for WWI & earned medals.
4) Hitler won office w/a plurality. trump never has won the popular vote;
5) Hitler liked dogs. trump’s never had pets (other than Giuliani);
6) Hitler had 1 testicle. trump, around Putin, acts like he has none;
7) Hitler committed treason, was convicted/& was sentenced to prison while trump has no convictions.
C) trump has used terms favored by Hitler (e.g., “vermin” to describe his political enemies); and,
D) trump did not understand why “his” generals couldn’t “be like the German generals” (according to his (then) chief of staff John Kelly (who was a general).

III) You suggest I am completely oblivious to what used to be the extreme,” when, in fact:
A) I have written about the parallels between the KKK in Indiana after WWI and today’s MAGA crowd; and
B) Tracked how this country approached greatness ONLY AFTER slavery was abolished, women gained the right to vote, public education was broadened, desegregation increased after Brown I, and a lot of people prote4sted and brought an end to U.S. military involvement in Vietnam.

IV) One problem w/your tirade (aside from that second, really run-on sentence) is your lack of cites to any facts, so let me say:
A) I favor free speech and oppose book banning;
B) I am in favor of rights under the First Amendment, and that means both free exercise and establishment clauses;\
C) I am not anti-Israel, nor am I anti-Palestine;
D) I am not in favor of human trafficking and we should get to the bottom of that island off of St Thomas - a list of the names, ALL of the names, and prosecute anyone who violated the law;
E) Taxation is theft only when the Sheriff of Nottingham grabs money from the poor & gives it to the rich - hell, I favor the tax policies under President Eisenhower, a Republican; and,
F) Pro-inflationary monetary policies are at their height during military conflicts & I am anti-war.

V) You suggest “this disconnect from reality has to be some kind of mental disorder.” It is not a mental disorder. To answer your question about “some kind of word” there is: hypocrite.

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