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"God" gives the FBI an alibi for Jan 6

Micah Beckwith [FN1], in a FB video shot shortly after 1/6/21, says “God” told him: “I sent those riots to Washington.” Any claim that the insurrection was staged to discredit trump flies in the face of “God.” Tucker Carlson can’t say it was an FBI “false flag” [FN2] [FN3] 1/6

Evangelicals must be held to a premise. “God” [F4] would neither lie nor joke about such things. 1) I’m unaware of any passage of either testament in which the supreme deity says it’s all a prank or practical joke; 2) Ditto “I lied; 3) it is “impossible for God to lie.” [FN5] 2/6

If Beckwith believes “God” said to him: “I sent those riots to Washington,” then Beckwith needs to tell everyone else on the far right to shut up. It’s a bit of a stretch for “God” to help a preacher & politician in a campaign in Indiana, but go silent about rioters “God” sent to D.C. 3/6

Maybe the voice Beckwith heard was of an entity in a far, far warmer clime. [FN6] Henceforth, if I hear anyone say the January 6 “riots” are anything but a MAGA event, I’ll quote Beckwith. Besides, at our Antifa/Deep State meetings we never discussed Jan 6. 4/6

Footnotes: FN1. Beckwith, a Hamilton County preacher, seeks the 2024 GOP nomination for IN Lt Gov. FN2. A “false flag” is “a political or military action carried out with the intention of blaming an opponent for it.” BBC, 02/18/22. FN3. Fact check..” CNN, 01/05/22. 5/6

Footnotes: FN4. Evangelicals seek control of our government and turn it into (or claim it always has been) a theocracy, and theirs if the “God” to which I refer here. FN5. Hebrews 6: 17-18. FN6: That entity has a sense of humor. 6/6

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